Accelerating the Green Building Cluster and Tri-State Collaboration

Summary of the BDCC projects funded by the EDA 

  1. EDA will be partnering with state and regional funding to complete the Southeastern Vermont Green Building Cluster study which will focus on development of green building and energy research, systems and product development, financial and consultant services and development of a national center of excellence to address the current and future green building and energy needs of the existing built
  2. EDA will be partnering with state and regional funding to launch a new Southern Vermont Business Innovation Accelerator designed to speed creation of new jobs and products for It will provide the comprehensive entrepreneurial infrastructure and financial resources needed to fulfill the CEDS goals and objectives.
  3. In response to the VY closing, a new Tri-Region Collaboration for economic development is proposed by regional planning and economic development entities in  three


The project components are centered on the region impacted by the closure of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station (VY); southeastern Vermont, southwestern New Hampshire, and the Franklin County area of northwestern Massachusetts. The project deploys the widest possible range of regional assets in order to  replace  jobs,  and hundreds  of  millions  of  dollars in  annual  economic productivity lost with the closure of VY. The first two project components presented – Southeastern Vermont Green Building Cluster Analysis and Southern Vermont Business Innovation Accelerator – are based in Windham County, Vermont. In Windham, economic development leaders raised concerns about losses from the VY closure years before closure was announced.


The third component involves the broader region of VY closure impact; The Tri-Region Partnership.

Due to its location at Vermont’s southeastern corner, VY has played a major role

in three states. A new cross-jurisdictional collaboration was launched in 2014 by agency Directors from BDCC and the three regional planning agencies for those three areas. For over a year this group has been looking at ways to replace lost jobs and spending across their entire shared ‘job shed’, using this crisis as an opportunity to explore potential gains from working together over the long term to improve the region’s economic health.

EDA Investment: $265,650

State of VT Investment: $170,625

BDCC Investment: $100,650

Total Investment: $536,925

For additional information about the project, contact Laura Sibilia, Director for Economic and Workforce Development: or 802-257-7731 ext. 217