Instig8ing Shared Leadership

Celebrating Shared Leadership

Celebrating Shared Leadership

On Thursday, July 21st, INSTIG8 hosted Global Round Table Leadership (GRTL at http://globalroundtableleadership.com) for a workshop on Shared Leadership for Entrepreneurs. What a great evening! Lori Hanau and Jodi Clark facilitated the event and introduced their framework to participants. It was important to me that we focus on entrepreneurs because that is one of the key objectives of INSTIG8 (facebook.com/INSTIG8) and to be honest, I was a bit uncertain how this topic would translate for a founder. Now I get it! As much as the product or service will define a company, it’s the people and culture that will help fulfill the mission of the organization. Providing entrepreneurs with an introduction to a leadership philosophy and approach was extremely valuable. We model what we know and the traditional militaristic hierarchical structure is too easy not to adopt for most. However, if INSTIG8 and GRTL can provide and introduce an alternative – CHECK – one goal has been met!

I was also impressed with the participants. They were so engaged and two hours was only enough to scratch the surface – we need to do more! Also, most were from already formed organizations with established cultures. This allowed us to explore, albeit very briefly, the role of disruption and intrapreneurs within an organization. It takes all kinds and my favorite adjective for this type of person is, of course, an instigator.

GRTL is a neat organization with a wonderful mission. Lori and Jodi are some the best facilitators, teachers, coaches – whatever one titles the role – I’ve seen in a LONG time. I look forward to other events this Fall which will extend what happened on Thursday. Keep an eye on our schedule at facebook.com/INSTIG8 or simply send me a note at [email protected].