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The Six College Collaborative Internship Program matches skilled college students with practice based paid internships with Windham County businesses. Developing meaningful opportunities contributes to the overall well-being of undergraduate and graduate students as they prepare for the next steps on their career journey.

The Vision:
We believe strongly in the value of internships for all parties involved. Our vision is to support area businesses in finding qualified, dedicated college interns. With these internships we look to enhance the workforce of Windham County and support businesses in their retention of people in their labor force.
The internship program works to partner college students (and recent graduates) with local companies that contribute to Vermont’s economic development, while introducing students to the career opportunities that exist here in Vermont

This program is
Funded by members of The Six College Collaborative & The VT Department of Labor

Participating Members:
Besides pushing your resume to the top in a competitive job market, there are many other reasons to pursue an internship:
  • Gain real world work experience
  • Develop and build desirable skills
  • Boost your comfort and confidence in a professional setting
  • Test classroom learning in real life scenarios
  • Try out a company, industry or occupation
  • Make professional contacts for future references and networking
  • Prove your value to a potential employer
  • Make a difference!
What does an Internship do for you?
With more and more people doing internships, employers are coming to expect them on the resumes of potential employees.  Internships create opportunities for relevant work experience – highly prized by employers – and add tremendous value to your application materials.

Omoefe Ogbeide- Landmark College interned and is now employed at Fulflex Elastomerics Worldwide in Brattleboro

“The biggest reward is seeing what I produced implemented in the company. I really feel my talents are valued.”
Omoefe Ogbeide, Intern at Fulflex Elastomerics Worldwide- Brattleboro, Vt