BDCC Staff Profile: Dutch Walsh

Dutch Walsh

Dutch Walsh at the BDCC

BDCC Staff Member Name: Dutch Walsh

Position Title: Property Manager

Program(s): Work with all BDCC Tenants, Frontline for hearing about the businesses and make referrals to our other programs (Instig8, WCEDP, Small Business Center, etc.)

Where were you born? Middletown, CT

Where do you currently live? Chesterfield, NH

What did you do before you came to the BDCC?  I was the director of development for the Town of Rockingham, VT. It was a split-focus position, my focus areas were economic development and community development. Those two areas are completely linked, you can’t successfully do one without the other. I was also interim town manager for 19 months and then back into full-time development. While I was in this work, I also served on the SeVEDS Board and was working to strengthen the relationship between BDCC and the Town of Rockingham Development Corporation. I also wanted to stress the importance of Rockingham as another hub of the Windham Region.

What inspires you about your current work?  Being part of an organization dedicated to positive change and seeing our businesses grow. It is exciting to see what all of the people are doing who are involved in either the businesses or the other regional efforts. I love the new ideas I am seeing and feeling happen every day. I am making more of an effort to let all of our tenants know we do more than just rent space. In talking with them, I get to know them more deeply to see how we can truly be of service to them to help them grow.

The view from Dutch's Backyard.

The view from Dutch’s Backyard.

Tell us about the hobby/activity from your photo, what do you love about it? The photo is actually of the view from my backyard, as I don’t have a photo of me being on my own outdoors. I love being outdoors on or in the water in remote areas. For me, it isn’t about actually catching the fish in fly fishing. You are constantly moving. You are going to the most remote areas you get to. It is the hiking, being alone, listening to the water. It is peaceful. I will go out without a fly rod and simply walk along a stream or river.

What is a unique fact about you that people might not know? I have a background in art: painting, sculpture and I taught art in high schools. I have a degree in architectural history. I love old buildings. And I love all music, particularly classical music. I’ve been on the board of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra for a number of years.