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** The below resources and technical assistance is for municipalities and nonprofits who focus on community and economic development in Bennington County and the Windham Region

Contact: Sarah Lang, SVEP Manager, 

In these unprecedented times, our daily lives are changing rapidly, and we are having to respond with alternative solutions to connecting with one another, either personally or professionally. The Southern Vermont Economy Project has put in time and effort into providing the below resources on attending or hosting online meetings using the platform Zoom.

We’ve used many platforms; Zoom seems to be the most effective, easiest to use for all levels of capabilities, with the widest array of options. Additionally, Vermont League of Cities and Towns took a poll of their members, and 45% of the 98 respondents said they use Zoom (Other options you can try, if you aren’t happy with Zoom are, Skype, WebX, GoToMeeting, or Google Hangouts.)

If you have any questions or need help in hosting or attending online meetings, please reach out to the SVEP project manager, Sarah Lang, at

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom Resources Pages:



Best Practices:

Zoom Video Tutorials:

Suggestions to Avoid a Meeting Getting Hacked:

Security Updates made by Zoom (Blog Post)

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  • When using Zoom for online classrooms, teachers are advised to making meetings private and require a password or use the waiting room feature to control the admittance of additional people.
  • Links to a teleconference or classroom should be sent directly to individual participants and never be publicly available on a social media post.
  • Lastly, those managing a conference in Zoom should change the screen sharing option to “Host Only.”
LinkedIn Learning

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can access all types of free online learning opportunities. Specifically, they have tutorials on using Zoom which has proved very helpful. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you can learn how to create one for free here.

LinkedIn Learning: There are many topics, courses, and learning paths you can discover on LinkedIn Learning. Below are a few that may be helpful in using Zoom and running online meetings:

One-on-One Technical Assistance

If you are having trouble getting starting in Zoom or have a very specific question that you are having trouble finding the answer to, reach out the Sarah Lang, the SVEP manager, to schedule a time to get your questions answered.

If you are just someone who learns better by doing, reach out to Sarah to schedule a Zoom video conference training/tutorial. This can be done one-on-one or in groups.

Sarah can help you over email, the phone, or on Zoom!

Email Sarah at

Instructional Videos

Created by the Southern Vermont Economy Project

How to Zoom: Protocols, Best Practices, and Troubleshooting

How to Operate Zoom as a Meeting Attendee

Using the Breakout Room Feature for Executive Sessions

Click image below to download PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the breakout room feature in Zoom for executive sessions