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Incremental Development Alliance (IDA), a non-profit alliance of practitioners, helps identify where policies and practices are unnecessary barriers and partners with local organizations to improve the financial and regulatory ecosystem for small development projects. “Today, city-building is dominated by large developers with institutional investors who build in big chunks like subdivisions and shopping centers. However, the neighborhoods we love most tend to be ones that were built gradually over generations. That is what we mean by incremental development: small projects by local people over a long period of time. At IncDev, we call these small projects STEP Buildings. STEP Buildings are both a process and a product. They are the one-step-at-a-time approach to building cities that improve with age. They are also a suite of time-tested building types that we all know and love.”

IDA has been hired to provide direct technical assistance to the Town of Rockingham. This initiative is partially funded and staffed through Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation’s Southern Vermont Economy Project, made possible through USDA RCDI (Rural Community Development Initiative). These recorded sessions are part of the three-month direct technical assistance.  The technical assistance is also funded by Vermont Council on Rural Development, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Preservation Trust of Vermont, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and Vermont Community Foundation.

Introduction Target Market Analysis for Small Scale Projects presentation led by Sharon Woods to discuss how to understand how your market is segmented into socio-economic bands that have preferences towards the kinds of housing and commercial services they consume. Typical market studies overlook the diverse palette of housing form types between 1-20 units and under 5000 sf of commercial or industrial space. This presentation helps orient how this information can be harnessed to focus early development efforts into the best, most flexible product types for a community.

Presented by the Alliance Faculty, this lecture outlines typical barriers to small-scale development, examples of small projects in other locations, and general strategies community groups and governments can take to support redevelopment.


Intro Lecture on Small Development PDF

Presentation led by Alliance Faculty intended for an audience from the real estate development, city administration, and community partners. IDA will discuss administrative “contamination” that can create barriers and hurdles for small scale development and ways to improve those situations.

Presentation: The Dirty Dozen, Administrative Contamination – David Kim

Introduction to STEP Buildings presentation is intended for stakeholders who will be engaging in the technical steps of the Diagnostic and/or responding to the Diagnostic results for the Town of Rockingham OR anyone who is interested. This session gives the audience imagery to spark ideas for what they might want to see in their place by presenting both the philosophy behind and physical manifestation of Small-scale, Time-enhanced, Entrepreneurial, and Purposeful Buildings. There are over 50 STEP Buildings and a curated subset appropriate to your place will be used to examine the code and finance thresholds that affect them. This session gets down to brass-tacks: what it takes to finance, design, approve, construct, and rent out the buildings cities actually want to see.


The Villiage of Bellows Falls, Vermont Residential Target Market Analysis: VT Bellows Falls Residential 03 25 21

Appendix to Analysis: VT Bellows Falls Appendix 03 25 21


A special meeting with the Incremental Development Alliance to hear more about the Target Market Analysis (TMA) that was conducted for the Town of Rockingham/Village of Bellows Falls. The first 45 minutes of the meeting focuses on market analytics, methodology and approach, study results, and next steps.

A Target Market Analysis is a unique approach to conducting housing and retail market studies. It focuses on studying the lifestyle preferences of households moving into and within local markets like ours. Household preferences range from inclination to be renters or owners; family composition and socio-economic diversity; income and price tolerance for new houses and for-lease units; and inclination to shop at new shops and businesses.

The study focused on measuring the magnitude of market gaps and potential for new housing units and retail space and identifying the optimal building formats for our city. The housing study will focus on missing formats like attached condos, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, etc. The retail study will focus on small business opportunities ranging from merchants to services, and from entertainment venues to eateries.

Once completed, the market study will be used as a platform for additional work by the Incremental Development Alliance. The data will help inform a process of identifying optimal locations for reinvestment and identifying the highest and best use of site-specific development opportunities. The study results will also help guide and inform the city with future land use planning. Results can also help inform private developers and investors on the ideal retail and housing mix, scale, format, and locations for new mixed-use projects.


Series Image

See above for the SVEP 2.0 small conference on Local Project Stewardship. This is the first of the four-part Project Development Series. Hear from communities in the Southern Vermont region on how they’ve stewarded their projects through each step. Projects include community centers, outdoor facilities and programming.  Learn about projects at different stages and their lessons learned about funding, project management and outcomes.

The second half of the conference will be spent in small group, peer learning opportunities to discuss YOUR projects conundrums. The facilitator, Maggie Foley of Guilford, recently helped Winston Prouty create a strategic plan for their 108 acre campus.

Project Case Studies:

  • EJ Bullock Building- Sue Bailey
  • Broad Brook Community Center- Gail Nunziata
  • Robertson Paper Mill- Gary Fox
  • Community Asylum Seekers Project- Steve Crofter

See above for the SVEP 2.0 small conference on Financial Management for Projects. This is the second of the four-part Project Development Series. In this training, we’ll cover the role of strategic planning in budgeting to budget controls (“Seven Keep-me-out-of-prison Essentials”). 

The trainer, Gary Deziel, is an Extension assistant professor for UVM Extension. His work focuses on public library budgeting and human resource management, and workforce development. He is former Associate Dean of Finance and Operations, UVM Extension. Gary has experience in budgeting and budget management, grants and contracts, fund accounting, gifts, endowments, cash management, petty cash, and sales and fees.


Gary Deziel, UVM Extention | Gary.Deziel@uvm.edu


Public & non-profit budgeting – Gary – BDCC June 2020

See above for the SVEP 2.0 small conference on Financial Management for Projects. This is the second of the four-part Project Development Series. In Part 2 of this training, we dive into an actual, real life project budget and touch on getting more money through endowments to bonds with an expert panel.


Bobbi Kilburn, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation | bkilburn@brattleborodevelopment.com | (802) 257-7731 x220



SVEP hired the University of New Hampshire to put on a custom two-day training on project management. The outline of the course was as follows:

Introduction to Basic Project Management

Project management skills are no longer just for high-level leaders and managers. Understanding project management methods and processes has become a required core competency for all team members.

Introduction to Basic Project Management will decode and simplify popular project management philosophies into six key points of performance. Regardless of your organization’s project management methodology, these fundamental points will be used by any project manager and team to ensure successful project outcomes.

The six points of performance covered in the workshop include:

  • Scope Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

This two-day, hands-on workshop will encourage active participation with students contributing their ideas and experience which will be collected into simple, actionable, best-practice templates.


In conclusion, the six points of performance will be evaluated through the progressive ‘digital’ lens of today’s business environment to see how new technology and tools are contributing to the success of project teams. But – We’ll also acknowledge common pitfalls of the “digital trap” and reinforce the importance of the six fundamentals.


This grant writing workshop provides concrete, practical guidance for preparing successful grant proposals. The workshop will address how to organize proposals; develop clear goals, objectives and tasks; and build a compelling case to effectively “sell” programs to funders.


Day 1 and 2- Anne Lezak, ADL Consulting | annelezak@gmail.com

Day 3- Bobbi Kilburn, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation | bkilburn@brattleborodevelopment.com


11.20.20 BDCC Grant Management Presentation

Day 1: November 18th, 1-4:30 pm

  • Basic Tenets of Proposal Writing
  • Making Your Case: Using Data
  • Making Your Case: Telling Your Story
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Project Goals Breakout Session; Share and Critique
  • Wrap-Up; Q & A

Day 2: November 19th, 9 am-12:30 pm

  • Brief Recap of Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Measurable Outcomes
  • Creating Tasks to Carry Out Objectives
  • Creating Tasks Breakout Session; Share and Critique
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Q & A and Closing

Day 3: November 20th, 8:30-9:30 am (presentation)

  • You Got the Grant! Now What?: Grant Management, Bobbi Kilburn, BDCC




  • Gretchen Havreluk, Economic Development Specialist, Town of Wilmington 
  • Scott Tucker, Town Manager, Town of Wilmington 
  • Patrick Moreland, Assistant Town Manager, Town of Brattleboro 
  • Forrest Holzapfel, Town Clerk, Town of Marlboro 

Long Term Impacts for Towns Presentation

  • Minicozzi video links
  • Reading list for Behavioral Economics
  • Thoughts from Minicozzi on the topic

Long Term Impacts for Towns Data and Infographics

  • Screen clips from Minicozzi’s presentation
  • Links to data
  • Discussion questions

Knowledge Bites Webinar Series


  • January 9th (12-12:30p): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- Town Officers Education Conference 
    • Topic: Town Officers Education Conference (TOEC)
    • Presenter: Briset Flores, UVM Extension
    • Audience: Municipal Leaders, Local government
    • For more information: Click here 
  • January 23rd (12-12:30pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- Vermont Consumer Assistance Program
    • Topic: The Consumer Assistance Program, a small business initiative through the VT Office of the Attorney General
    • Presenter: Whytnee Bush, Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program
    • Audience: Small businesses
    • For more information: Click here 
  • February 2nd: SVEP Quarterly Grant Partner Meeting (Virtual)
    • Through FreeConferenceCall.com
    • Speaker TBD
  • February 9th (1-4 pm): Economic Development for Town Leaders #4: Housing Summit
    • Where: Shaftsbury, VT
    • Housing types, housing data, and housing programs/assistance
    • To attend: RSVP here
  • March 13th (12-12:30pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- SBA HubZone and PTAC
    • Where: Virtual
    • For more information: Click here
  • March 27th (12-12:30pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- Talent Pipeline Management 
    • Where: Virtual
    • For more information: Click here
  • April 24th (12-12:30pm): Knowledge Bites Webinar on the Targeted Expertise Recruitment and Retention Program 
    • Where: Virtual
    • For more information: Click here
  • May 8th (12-12:30pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- INSTIG8 Program
    • Where: Virtual
    • For more information: Click here
  • May 30th (all day): 2nd Annual Southern Vermont Economic Development Summit
    • Where: Mount Snow, Dover, VT
    • More information at www.sovermontsummit.com
  • June 26th (12-12:30pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- SBIR and STTR Programs
    • Where: Virtual
    • For more information: Click here
  • 9/11- Knowledge Bites Webinar: Act 185 Clean Water Revolving Fund (more info)
  • 10/9- Knowledge Bite Webinar (more info)
  • 10/17- Form-Based Standards for Municipal Land Use Planning: A Public Workshop with Randall Arendt. Hosted by the Bennington County Regional Commission at BENNINGTON COLLEGE CAPA SYMPOSIUM. 5:00 to 8:00 PM. Please RSVP to: jsullivan@bcrcvt.org so that we can plan for seating and food and beverages.
  • 11/28- Connectivity Summit (Economic Development for Town Leaders Series) at Mount Snow. More information to come.
  • May 3rd: “Federal Policy Changes- What We Currently Know” Forum
    • Federal delegation staffers talk on potential changes to laws, policies, and procedures that would possibly affect economic development. Staffers will talk on expected relevant changes and audience will have time to ask specific questions.
      – 10 am, Putney, Landmark College (RSVP: Here)
      – 2 pm, Bennington, Oldcastle Theater (RSVP: Here)
  • May 8th-13th: National Economic Development Week
    • The International Economic Development Council has designated MAY 8TH-13TH as National Economic Development Week!
    • Visit our webpage highlighting Southern Vermont Facts and Southern Vermont Faces in Economic Development
    • Visit their website to learn how your community or organization can participate! IEDC provides templates on press releases, advertising, resolutions, social media marketing, and event ideas! Use #EconDevWeek or #EDW2017 to highlight your community or organization’s economic development achievements!
  • May 10th (10a-12p): Quarterly SVEP Steering Committee Meeting 
    • GFRCC in Bellows Falls, VT
    • Housekeeping Items: Invoices, Progress Reports, Proposal Submission
    • CEDS projects overview
    • Mini-workshop: Leveraging Facebook to increase your organizations visibility (Mondo Mediaworks)
  •  May 12th (10a-12p): Economic Development for Town Leadership Quarterly
    • Putney Volunteer Fire Station, Putney, VT
    • Includes Town Managers, Town Admins, Select Boards
    • Ever feel like your definition of economic development is different than you neighboring town’s definition? Ever feel like there is a disconnect between the community leaders and economic development organizations? Ever feel like you have a vision for your town’s economy but aren’t sure how to get there? Ever feel like if only you had more capacity you could accomplish your projects? Then this meeting is for you!
    • RSVP Here
  • May 24th (all day): Southern Vermont Economic Development Summit
    • Stratton Mountain Base Lodge, Stratton, VT
    • A daylong event that will focus on the key projects and perspectives affecting economic development throughout the Southern Vermont region. Attendees will hear from experts on economic and workforce patterns affecting Vermont in general and Southern Vermont in particular; review innovative responses to emerging issues in community and regional development; and examine the ongoing partnership between planning and development groups in Bennington and Windham counties.
    • Registration: $30
    • Find more information at the SoVTED Summit website: (currently under construction
  • July 11th (12:00-12:30 pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “How do I find useful labor data on the new Department of Labor website?”
      • Topic: Navigating to useful labor data on the new Vermont Department of Labor website
      • Presenter: Kevin Stapelton, Vermont Department of Labor
      • Audience: municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, regional agencies, private entities
      • For more information: Click Here
  • August 8th (12:00-12:30 pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “How do I find an intern for my business/how do I become an intern?”
      • Topic: BDCC & Six College Collaborative Internship Program
      • Presenter: Kristin Mehalick, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation
      • Audience: Business owners in Windham county, college students/recent grads
      • For more information: Click Here
  • August (12:00-12:30 pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “How do I utilize the Windham Region Brownfields Reuse Initiative?”
    • Topic: Windham Region Brownfields Reuse Initiative (WRBRI)
    • Presenter: Susan McMahon, Windham Regional Commission
    • Audience: Windham region municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, regional agencies, private entities
    • For more information: Click Here
  • September 12th (12:00-12:30 pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “How do I solve problems quickly and keep them from reoccurring?”
      • Topic: Structured Problem Solving
      • Presenter: Jon Bates, Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center
      • Audience: People who manage people and people who manage processes
      • For more information: Click Here
  • September 26th (12:00-12:30 pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “How to I utilize the State downtown/village designation to leverage funding and benefits?”
    • Topic: Utilizing the Vermont Downtown/Village Designation Program to leverage funding and benefits
    • Presenter: Gary Holloway, Downtown Program Coordinator, Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development
    • Audience: Municipalities who are interested in applying for the downtown/village designation and municipalities who already have designated downtowns/villages
    • For more information: Click Here
  • October 10th (12:00-12:30 pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “What does it take to start a small business in Vermont? And where do I start?”
    • Topic: Vermont Small Business Development Center
    • Presenters: Deb Boudrieau and Steve Paddock, VTSBDC
    • Audience: Vermont resident that is looking to start a small business
    • For more information: Click Here
  • October 20th (all day): 2017 Vermont Financing Working Landscapes Conference
    • All-day conference providing resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs of the farm, food, and forest industries
    • Where: Weston Playhouse at Walker Farm in Weston Vermont
    • Registration is FREE but you must register to attend the event
    • Click here for more information and to register
  • October 24th (12:00-12:30 pm): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “What do I do when my organization is at a crossroads?”
    • Topic: Easing Pain Points for Growing Organizations
    • Presenter: Emily Blistein, Marlboro Center for New Leadership
    • Audience: Nonprofit and mission driven organizations that are at a crossroads and need to know what action to take to move forward. For example: what do do when your founder is ready to retire? How do you engage a board that doesn’t want to help fundraise? You’ve heard about B-Corps, but how does your mission driven business get certified?
    • For more information: Click Here
  • November 1st (1-4pm): Economic Development for Town Leaders #3:: Connectivity 
    • Where: Dover Town Hall in East Dover, VT
    • Who: Town managers, administrators, select board members, planning/zoning commission member or anyone from the public who is interested in this topic
    • What: Will focus on the current state of connectivity in Southern Vermont will feature Clay Purvis, the Director of the Telecommunications and Connectivity Division of the Vermont Public Service Department and highlight current case studies from Southern Vermont.
    • To attend: RSVP here
  • November 14th (12-12:30p): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “How can the VEGI program help grow and expand my business?”
    • Topic: Vermont Employment Growth Incentive program
    • Presenter: Fred Kenney, Executive Director, Vermont Economic Progress Council
    • Audience: Businesses contemplating investment in new payroll and capital in Vermont to by starting a new business, expanding an existing business, or relocating or expanding a business into Vermont
    • For more information: Click here
  • November 28th (12-12:30p): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- Vermont Training Program
    • Topic: Vermont Training Program
    • Presenter: John Young, VTP
    • Audience: TBD
    • For more information: Click here
  • December 12th (12-12:30p): “Knowledge Bites” Webinar- “How do I utilize the regional and state programs for my brownfield site?”
    • Topic: Windham Region Brownfields Reuse Initiative (WRBRI) and ACCD Brownfield Revitalization Fund
    • Presenter: Susan McMahon, Windham Regional Commission and Brett Long, ACCD
    • Audience:  Municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, regional agencies, private entities who have a brownfield site or are interested in a brownfield site and how to remediate it
    • For more information: Click here


  • February 20th (5:30-7:30pm): Shires Recreational Meet Up- VOREC and Beyond
    • Where: West Mountain Inn, Arlington, VT
  • April 9th (9am-12pm): Southern VT Creative Meeting: Nexus of Art & Economy
    • Where: Next Stage, Putney, VT
  • May 18th (1-3pm): Downtown Bellows Falls Development Open House
    • Where: Bellows Falls, VT
  • Southern Vermont Zone Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Public Input Sessions:
      • Manchester: September 24, 8:00-10:00 AM at the Manchester Town Hall.
      • Wilmington: September 24, 2:00-4:00 PM at Wilmington Old School.
      • Brattleboro: September 24, 6:00-8:00 PM at Brattleboro Municipal Center
      • Bennington: September 26, 6:00-8:00 PM at the Masonic Hall.
      • Bellows Falls: September 28, 8:00-10:00 AM at Opera House, Lower Theater.

2017: Other Programming

  • May 9th (5-7pm): FREE Intro to Adobe Photoshop
    • Hosted by Bennington County Regional Commission
    • Bennington, VT
    • RSVP or Questions: Michelle Marrocco, BCRC, mmarrocco@bcrcvt.org
  • May 11th (5-7pm): FREE Intro to Illustrator 
    • Hosted by Bennington County Regional Commission
    • Bennington, VT
    • RSVP or Questions: Michelle Marrocco, BCRC, mmarrocco@bcrcvt.org
  • May 18th (7pm): Facilitating Economic Development in Villages and Downtowns
    • Hosted by Windham Regional Commission
    • RSVP or Questions: Susan McMahon, WRC, susan@windhamregional.org
  • June 8th (all day): Downtown and Historic Preservation Conference
    • Hosted by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development
    • Keynote speaker: Joe Minicozzi, Urban3
    • White River Junction, VT
    • To register or for more information, click here.
    • Contact/Questions: Gary Holloway, gary.holloway@vermont.gov, 802-828-3220
  • July 31- August 4th: Fast Tracks Road Pitch 2017
    • Sponsored by Strolling of the Heifers and BDCC
    • more than 40 motorcycle riders will be hitting the roads of Vermont and stopping in 10 towns to listen to at least 50 entrepreneurial pitches. Their goal is to find exciting opportunities for investment.
    • Towns: Brattleboro, Essex Junction, Rutland, Bennington, Barre, Randolph, St. Johnsbury, Lowell, Morrisville and Grand Isle
    • Apply here to pitch your idea!
  • September 6-8th: Catalysts of the Climate Economy National Innovation Summit
    • To bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders to gear up for the next stage of economic development and prosperity in a low-carbon future. The event aims to accelerate progress toward the significant economic opportunities associated with solving the unprecedented challenges presented by climate change. 
    • Where: Burlington, VT
    • For more information: Click here
  • September 9th (all day): Young Professionals Summit of Vermont
    • Where: The Paramount Theater, Rutland, VT
    • For more information: Click Here
  • September 12th (9a-1p): Starting Your Own Business (VtSBDC)
    • This workshop conducted by experienced business advisors, is designed as a guide for the first-time business owner. Your payment to attend includes a comprehensive start-up workbook, handouts, and resources in marketing, financing, management and operations.
    • Fee: $129
    • Where: TD Bank, Bennington
    • For more information: Click here
  • September 12th (4-6p): Introduction to Business Succession Planning (Wilmington Works)
    • Attention all business owners: if you plan to retire, or think you might someday want to change gears in your life, you will eventually be faced with the task of selling or transferring ownership of your business!
    • Where: Memorial Hall, Wilmington, VT
    • For more information: Click here
  • September 18th (1-2:30pm): Housing Revenue Bond Regional Meeting
    • On June 28th, a significant achievement from this legislative session was signed into law: approval of a $35 million revenue bond to invest in affordable and workforce housing. The bond was proposed by Gov. Scott in January and was enthusiastically received by both the House and the Senate. (A summary of the proposed uses of the bond is attached.)The revenue bond will be issued by VHFA and administered by VHCB. As we outline the investment of bond proceeds in housing development projects, we are reaching out to communities around the state for help in identifying highest priority needs and projects.
    • Where: Rockingham Free Public Library, 65 Westminster Street, Bellows Falls, VT
    • For more information, contact: Martin Hahn, mhahn@vhcb.org, (802) 828-3259
  • September 21st (10a-12p): Information Sessions for VHCB’s Water Quality Grants and Dairy Improvement Grants programs
    • Viability Program staff will hold sessions to talk about both grant programs and field questions from farmers considering to apply for funds
    • Where: Rutland- Neighborworks of Western Vermont, 110 Marble St.
    • For more information: Click here
  • September 22nd (10a-12p): Information Sessions for VHCB’s Water Quality Grants and Dairy Improvement Grants programs
    • Viability Program staff will hold sessions to talk about both grant programs and field questions from farmers considering to apply for funds
    • Where: Hartland- Hartland Public Library, 153 US 5
    • For more information: Click here
  • October 16th (6-8pm): Vermont Outdoor Economy Public Forum
    • The Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative (VOREC) is hosting seven public forums around the state to gather feedback on ways to promote business opportunities, increase participation opportunities, and strengthen the quality, extent, and stewardship of our recreational resources.
    • Where: Evening Star Grange, 1008 East-West St., East Dummerston, VT
    • For more information: Click here or contact Sarah Lang at slang@brattleborodevelopment.com
  • October 19th (1-5p): 5th Annual Windham County Career Expo
    • Each year, the Career Expo brings together dozens of prominent local businesses, colleges, and career service providers to promote and support exciting career opportunities right here in Southeastern Vermont.
    • Where: River Garden, Brattleboro, VT
    • For more information: Click here
  • October 24th (6-8pm): Vermont Outdoor Economy Public Forum
    • The Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative (VOREC) is hosting seven public forums around the state to gather feedback on ways to promote business opportunities, increase participation opportunities, and strengthen the quality, extent, and stewardship of our recreational resources.
    • Where: West Mountain Inn, 144 West Mountain Inn Rd., Arlington, VT
    • For more information: Click here or contact Sarah Lang at slang@brattleborodevelopment.com