Targeted Expertise Recruitment and Retention (TERR)

The new Targeted Expertise Recruitment & Retention (TERR) program is designed to help employers attract and retain professionals for positions that require specialized skills and experience. TERR is part of the BDCC’s Workforce Center of Excellence systems approach to increasing the size and quality of the region’s workforce. Led by Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) research, planning and strategic priorities, BDCC implements programs and projects to build a vibrant regional economy.

For more information on the TERR Program, click to download the program overview for businesses.

For more information on BDCC’s TERR program please contact Jen Stromsten at or call (802) 257-7731 x230.

We would like to thank the staff of BDCC for reaching out and supporting our family as we considered and then navigated relocating our family from Columbus, Ohio to Dummerston, Vermont. We found that being long distance made the area difficult to explore and we were limited to using community pages on social media to help us navigate our many questions and concerns about the area – the feedback a mix of helpful and not helpful, encouraging and discouraging. We were considering postponing our trip to look at real estate in favor of spending another school year in Ohio when Ms. Lang reached out to offer “no strings attached” support. There was a sense of relief to see a face like this representing Brattleboro and the staff she connected me with spent hours talking to me and answering questions about the area and helped me identify other services that were influential for our family’s needs. This influenced, not just our understanding of the area, but our mood around possible relocation. We rescheduled our real estate trip and within a week of visiting had put an offer on a home in Dummerston. It was a quick decision, but with a new viewpoint of the area, we felt confident in the community we choose to relocate to and are happy to call Brattleboro our “forever” home and community.”

    The Green Family relocated to southern VT based on employer recruitment

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Targeted Expertise Recruitment and Retention

TERR is designed to meet a critical workforce need by helping employers attract and retain professionals for positions that require specialized skills and experience.

Targeted Expertise Recruitment & Retention (TERR) is part of the BDCC Workforce Center of Excellence systems approach to improving the region’s workforce.

TERR is part of BDCC’s long term commitment to workforce solutions based on the Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) research, planning and strategic priorities for building a vibrant economy. A top priority is the region’s need for more people and workforce. The Workforce Center of Excellence offers a suite of programs and partnerships addressing workforce at all levels, from development and training of young people and workforce currently located in the region, to attraction and retention of new residents and workers.

  • Marketing the region to a wide audience to increase appeal & visibility
  • Accessing tools & techniques top firms use in recruiting by pooling needs and resources
  • Extending a personal welcome to professionals through targeted communications and events
  • Ensuring key people receive focused, personal support so new hires and families thrive here
Project Goals

Help employers find the talent they need to thrive here in Southern Vermont.

Improve employers’ ROI on their recruiting investments.

Attract and retain more workforce to the region.


We need to build a regional brand that speaks to workforce, highlighting what differentiates the region such as being part of a multi-state economy and easy access to the rest of New England. TERR will help to launch the SoVermont Collaborative Marketing and Recruitment, a campaign coordinated among dozens of public & private sector partners to build a regional brand that improves of amenities and opportunities.

TERR will bring online tools to help make connections now, near term and long term. TERR will help employers connect with individuals through LinkedIn recruiter services and SoVermont branded job postings. Recruitment events and networking events will increase our reach. We conduct a hiring and “pain points” assessment to identify BDCC’s Workforce Center of Excellence programs that can help employers build long term solutions to talent attraction and development, such as Internships, Fast Tracks, and Southern Vermont Young Professionals engagement.

Recruitment and retention are expensive, placing demands on management and HR capacity, even incurring external costs in the case of highly specialized hires. Companies spend 100-200% of an annual salary to bring a new person onboard. To help Windham employers improve ROI on recruitment TERR will support your recruitment program, with welcome materials, events, and “white glove” personal connections. We want to provide access to cutting-edge best practices by making expert consultants and specialized tools available to the TERR cohort, so small and local firms can compete for talent against their bigger competitors.

We think one of the great “attractors” to living and working in this region is the authentic personal connections, relationships, and community engagement. By fast-tracking people into those connections to make personal and professional connections early we can help you attract and retain talent. For years BDCC has been fostering the Southern Vermont Young Professional network. TERR will build on that success with events and networking geared both to recruits and “trailing partners”.