Fridays at 2:15pm

Webinars are held every other Friday at 2:15 p.m. to connect business owners to current information, resources, and best practices as they become available. Below you will see information on how to connect, upcoming webinars, as well as information and PowerPoints from past webinars. See below for upcoming webinar dates.

Submit Questions

If you have specific questions, please email them to

We will do our best to research the answers and present them at the weekly webinars

How to Connect

For these webinars, we use Zoom, a virtual meeting platform. The most effective way to connect is through your computer, smart phone, or tablet, so you are able to see slides that are being presented. There is also an option to connect by phone.

Options to connect

Direct link:

  • By clicking this link, it will be directly to the meeting room
  • If you haven’t already downloaded the Zoom desktop app, it will prompt you to do so before bringing you into the meeting
  • All participants are muted when entered into the meeting. The host is the only one who can unmute you

Call in: (877) 853 5257 and Meeting ID:781064798#

  • Use the number to dial into the meeting. You’ll need the Meeting ID to enter the meeting
  • Meeting ID:781064798#
Upcoming Resiliency Webinars
Past Webinars

** We apologize to those who tried to get into the meeting and were not able to. We purchased an add-on that allows up to 500 people in the call, but for some reason it did not initiate for this webinar**



Vermont Department of Labor Virtual Town Hall Series

Click here to see the full list of VDOL’s virtual town halls for more information on resources and programs available to employers.