BDCC Staff Profile: Devin Green

BDCC Staff Member Name: Devin Greenad57438a-7276-423b-96cf-9523f6798fb3

Position Title: Collaborative Internship and Communications Coordinator

Program(s): Internship Program, Communications (Media Output and Deliverables for all of the BDCC programs)

Where were you born? Columbia, SC

Where do you currently live? Brattleboro, VT

What did you do before you came to the BDCC?  Immediately prior, I was the field coordinator with the Shap Smith Lieutenant Governor campaign, which is how I met Laura. When that work was concluded, I contacted Laura to see if there might be an opportunity to work at the BDCC.

What inspires you about your current work? I get to see things from a more optimistic perspective when it comes to careers. As a recent college graduate who was in the search, it can be a nightmare. When you apply for jobs that you feel passionately about and that align with your skills, you frequently receive a letter saying how there were 47 other applicants who were as qualified or more so already and thank you very much for applying. But I am talking with people who really want to tailor a position for a person who is at this beginning point in their career path and looking for something they are going to be suited for and can grow them even further. These positions are designed to develop a person’s skills and provide an essential capacity to the organization or business. It is a much more humane and relational approach. I am also inspired by the team here and the atmosphere.

Tell us about the hobby/activity from your photo, what do you love about it? I love to create elaborate gifts for friends. I don’t do it very frequently, but when I do, I only give a present that feels really connected to them. For example, this one is for a friend who is coming to visit me. The process takes a few months. I will start with an idea and then be passively on the look-out for items that support this idea. A while ago, I made a very small leather-bound book for a friend that was the “Principia Lagamorfica” with each page having a different picture of a rabbit. So it is a tiny book full of rabbits, the title is in Latin and is a bit of a specific reference to knowing and loving Bertrand Russell, and I made it. My friend never wants something practical and so is someone very challenging to get a gift for. So it was very satisfying to create this for her and have it received with huge appreciation. The one I’m working on currently, I happened upon a box set of Pride & Prejudice VHS tapes. So, I don’t know exactly what is going to happen with these, but I am working on using the box itself as the container for something more elaborate.

What is a unique fact about you that people might not know?  My name, “Green” is an Ellis Island construction. My Ancestral name is Grunenpeltz, which literally means “Green Pants”. Devin is actually the Irish spelling, means “poet”. My middle name is Edward, which has traditionally meant “warrior”. I feel like this name really suits me. I have been a writer ever since I can remember. I have also been very interested in martial arts, the ideology of awareness and preparedness while also valuing human life. The Green Pants is just a bit wacky. I am controlled in my professional self, but I do have an overt silly side.