The Southern Vermont Young Professionals is a professional development, social networking, and sustainable place-making program designed to retain, attract, and support new and native Vermonters between the ages of 22-45.

The need for a vibrant young professional community was identified in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) created by SeVEDS, and the Southern Vermont Young Professionals works to mitigate the negative impacts of an aging workforce and tax-base.

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SoVTYPs: State-Wide Candidate Forums on YP Issues Full of Information

Did you miss this past weekend's State-Wide Candidate Forums on YP Issues hosted by the Southern Vermont Young Professionals? Not to worry! They were recorded and you can watch them here: Candidates for US Congress, Governor, State Treasure: https://youtu.be/-8FlipuOrcg Candidates for Lt. Governor, Attorney General,…

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Emerging Leaders of Southern Vermont Class of 2020 Recognized

Southern Vermont – 31 young professionals are being recognized as Emerging Leaders of Southern Vermont by the Southern Vermont Young Professionals and the Shires Young Professionals. This recognition celebrates young people from the Bennington and Windham Regions, based on their work as community leaders and…

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Seeking Nominations for 4th Annual Emerging Leaders of Southern Vermont

Southern Vermont-- At the 4th Annual Southern Vermont Economy Summit on May 28th, a new group of Emerging Leaders of Southern Vermont will be recognized. But we need your help! Your nominations help support and honor young professionals. The purpose of the Emerging Leaders nomination…

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Southern Vermont Young Professionals 2019 Recap

Reflections on Another Busy Year for SoVTYPs 2019 was a big year in many ways for the Southern Vermont Young Professionals. SoVTYPs was launched in Fall 2012 as a Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) population retention strategy. It has operated since then as a…

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Getting Involved

One way for young professionals to get involved is to see if your town is in need of any volunteers. This could mean volunteering for a nonprofit, sitting on a committee, or running for an elected position such as on a commission or the select board.

Here are the steps to take if you are interested in getting more involved in your town:

  1. Sign up for your town’s newsletter. Most towns send something out monthly.
  2. Contact your town clerk or manager. They know what committees need volunteers or what elected positions will be opening up. You can find their contact info here.
  3. Check out your town’s calendar to see when commissions, committees, and the select board meet. Attending these meetings as a resident is a great way to see the ins and outs of what is happening in your town. It can also help to get a feel for the group before committing to something more long term.

Are you the type of person that likes one-off volunteering opportunities or something oriented more towards community service? We always suggest that young professionals visit the United Way’s Get Connected. This is were a majority of the volunteer opportunities are listed throughout Windham County.

One of the benefits of having a tight knit network in the Windham Region is that we can call on each other when a new person moves to town and wants to make some connections. When we know of a new young professional in town, we love to connect them with a young professional who has been living in the community for some time. This gives the new resident the start of a network, and some one to ask some questions that they may not want to ask their employer, like “Where is the best place to buy beer?” and “Which bank has the best customer service?”

Can we call on you to help welcome new young professionals? If that’s a YES, there here are the steps to make that happen:

  1. Become a SoVTYPS member, if you haven’t already.
  2. When you are registering as a member, there is a question that asks if we can call on you to help welcome new YPs. Check yes!
  3. When we have a new YP looking to make connections, we’ll look at our members who’ve identified as wanting to help welcome new YPs and potentially call on you!

To register to vote, and to check or update your voter registration information and make sure your mailing address is correct, go to: mvp.vermont.gov, or contact your Town Clerk.

Ballot request postcards will be mailed to registered voters from the Secretary of State’s Office late June 2020. The postcard will be a tear-away, postage-paid, ballot request form that may be mailed to your Town Clerk.
A postcard request form is not required to request a ballot: ballots can be requested online at mvp.vermont.gov, or by phone, email or from your Town Clerk.

Carefully follow the instructions for voting your ballot.
The ballot comes with two envelopes, a security envelope and a pre-addressed envelope. Place the completed ballot in the security envelope, sign, date and seal it, enclose the sealed security envelope inside the pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope.
If mailing to your Town Clerk, leave time for them to receive it before Election Day. You may hand deliver your ballot to your Town Clerk before or on Election Day, August 11th. If you have lost, or did not receive your ballot, you may request one at the polls. FOR ELECTION UPDATES GO TO: SOS.VERMONT.GOV/ELECTIONS

Information provided by the League of Women Voters of Vermont 

Filling out your mail in ballot correctly:

Getting Connected

You can become a member! Membership is free and it connects you to others who identify as a young professional. Typically, as a member, you get special discounts to events that are happening around the region, as they are available:  https://memberplanet.com/sovtyoungprofessionals

Our steering committee meetings are open to the public! We typically meet on the first Monday of every month. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we operate, you can attend one of our meetings. If you are interested in becoming more active in the Southern Vermont Young Professionals, reach out to Sarah Lang at slang@brattleborodevelopment.com

You can follow us on our Facebook Page. This is one place we post about our events: https://www.facebook.com/SOVTYP/

You can join our Facebook Group. The SoVT Young Professional Connection is for young professionals in southeastern Vermont to connect and network with each other virtually. This group is run by the Southern Vermont Young Professionals program of the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation. Use this page to meet new people, post jobs and events happening around the region, and make connections.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/835492960276043

You can sign up for our newsletter! This comes about once a month and includes highlights from past events, updates on upcoming events, professional development and volunteer opportunities, and more! You can sign up by clicking here (Fill in email and check the box for Southern Vermont Young Professionals).

Join us at any one of our events and meet fellow young professionals! We typically have 1-2 events a month. You can see upcoming events above.

You can follow us on Instagram @sovtyps. This is usually where we have YPs in the region do “takeovers” so they can share their experiences as a young professional in Southern Vermont.

Southern Vermont Young Professionals Steering Committee Members

  • Katie Knaeble, Vermont Department of Labor, Co-Chair of SoVTYP Steering Committee
  • John Pritchard, CVG Law, Co-Chair of SoVTYP Steering Committee
  • Sarah Wiggins-Donovan, SIT Study Abroad, Treasurer of SoVTYP Steering Committee
  • Christine Abdelnour, Allstate Insurance, Secretary of SoVTYP Steering Committee
  • Alyssa Todd, National Children’s Alliance
  • Johns Congdon, Windham County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Josh Roberts, Edward Jones Investments
  • Taylor Franklin, Families First
  • Christopher Lukasik, Windham County State’s Attorney’s Office

Mission Statement:

“To increase the size and quality of the Windham Region workforce”

Vision Statement:

To attract and support Young Professionals by providing engaging opportunities and community-minded events in a socially equitable way throughout Southern Vermont”