Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is BDCC?

A: BDCC is a private, nonprofit economic development organization dedicated to creating and retaining a flourishing business community that supports vibrant fiscal activity and improves the quality of life of all its residents

Q: What resources and services can BDCC help me with?

A: Some of the wide variety of BDCC services include: connecting you with business assistance partners at the local, state, and federal levels; providing business mentoring and advising for risk assessment, financial projections, funding resources, marketing strategy, engineering assistance, etc.; offering guidance and connections for available financing and incentives, such as revolving loan funds, state development banking, and tax incentive programs; connecting you with manufacturing assistance and training possibilities to improve your company’s operations and increase competitiveness; and offering low-cost viable commercial rental space.

Q: Is BDCC a lending institution?

A: Although BDCC is not a lending institution, we here at BDCC can provide guidance about various financing options and incentives.

Q: Does BDCC have any rental property available?

A: BDCC owns and manages an Act 250-approved industrial park and two business parks/incubators in Brattleboro, offering low-cost viable rental space. We would be happy to talk with you to see if any of the space fits your company’s needs.

Q: Does BDCC charge any fee for services?

A: Most of BDCC’s services are available free of charge.

Q: How and when was BDCC established?

A: BDCC was officially incorporated on July 19, 1954. The original incentive to create BDCC was to help the community retain a local business in need of a new plant. Local attorney John Kristensen was a founding member. Harold Putnam was BDCC’s first president (1954-58).

Q. What is a “Regional Development Corporation”?

A: A Regional Development Corporation (RDC) is a partner affiliated with the State of Vermont’s Department of Economic Development to provide region-specific information on a wide range of business subjects. BDCC, which serves Southeastern Vermont, is one of 12 RDCs located throughout the state.

Q: What towns does BDCC cover?

A: BDCC serves the towns of Athens, Bellows Falls, Brattleboro, Brookline, Dover, Dummerston, Grafton, Guilford, Halifax, Jamaica, Londonderry, Marlboro, Newfane, Putney, Readsboro, Rockingham, Searsburg, Somerset, Stratton, Townshend, Vernon, Wardsboro, Westminster, Weston, Whitingham, Wilmington, Windham, and Winhall.

Q. Who is eligible to take advantage of BDCC’s services?

A: BDCC is dedicated to assisting start-up companies, growing companies, and global businesses alike. We work with individuals and entire companies.

Q: What are some of the businesses that have received assistance from BDCC?

A: BDCC has provided a variety of services to a wide range of businesses over the past five decades. Some of the more recent ones include: Against the Grain Gourmet, Capers Restaurant, Engineered Stone Designs, Fulcrum Arts, G.S. Precision, Nimble Arts Trapeze and Circus School, Vermont Circuits, Vermont Culinary Islands, and Vermont Technology Partners.

Q: How can I obtain additional information about BDCC?

A: We welcome your call, email, fax, or visit to our office. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. We can be reached at: Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC), 76 Cotton Mill Hill, Brattleboro, VT 05301; Tel 802-257-7731; Fax 802-257-0294;