Southern Vermont Workforce Center of Excellence

The So.VT Workforce Center of Excellence is a hub-and-spoke model of relationships and resources, with the BDCC serving as a major convening entity between the Private, Public, and Social sectors. As the BDCC continues to be recognized throughout the State and Northeast for its Workforce Development initiatives, this hub-and-spoke model positions us to support all workforce efforts in Windham County with our staff and resources.

The Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation has designed and is implementing a number of Workforce Development programs designed to increase the size and quality of the workforce throughout the Windham Region, a key components of Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies.

Explore the links below to learn more about the resources and programs supported by the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation.

Fast Tracks to Success: Career Awareness Programming throughout Windham Regional High Schools

Collaborative Internship Program: Transitioning into the Workforce

Vermont Talent Pipeline Management: Demand-Driven Employer Solutions

Southern Vermont Young Professionals Group: Retaining & Attracting the next Workforce

The Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, in conjunction with Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) effort, employs Workforce Development staff listed below.

Alex Beck, Workforce and Education Program Manager

Kristin Mehalick, Internship Coordinator

Northeast Economic Development Association (NEDA) Award

The NEDA Board of Directors and 2016 Annual Conference Awards Committee recognized the Windham Region Workforce Center of Excellence as our 2016 Program of the Year for communities smaller than 50,000 in population. NEDA defines the Program of the Year as a multi-phased, multi-disciplined and multi-year series of activities and projects that successfully achieve a goal established in your local community’s economic development strategic plan.