FPU students visit The Root with Bridge to Brattleboro

Creating more equitable, inclusive, and just workplaces is central to fostering a strong and growing economy. While the BDCC will support, promote, and facilitate workplace trainings that revolved around anti-racism, equity, and inclusion, we also encourage every employer to invest in these values on their own. Below are some resources, trainers, and tools that may help guide your workplace in this important work.


Southern Vermont Training Providers:


Abundant Sun


VBSR EPIC Education Series


Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity



The Root Social Justice Center


Municipal Engagement for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-Vermont’s Local Solutions & Action Team


Windham County NAACP


CSJ students end a Bridge to Brattleboro at Hazel


In the course of BDCC’s own internal work on these important issues, and in partnership with the Diverse Workforce Development Committee, we have created a tool to help organizations design and implement long-term organizational development plans to ensure greater equity and inclusivity.

This tool, below, is a template that organizational leaders can use to develop a scope of work for workplace Anti-racism, equity, and inclusion. It will help frame important conversations that should occur before bringing external trainers onsite, and help identify the appropriate consultants, trainings and investments an organization should make to reach its goals and objectives.