The Fast Tracks to Success program is the product of the Educators Workforce Committee, a working group comprised of local career development specialists from Windham Regional schools and Technology centers convened and facilitated by BDCC/SeVEDS staff. A career menu survey was conducted to identify strengths and weaknesses in current career development programming, especially with regard to career awareness and business engagement. From this survey, and through this group, the Fast Tracks to Success program was created.

The first phase of the program discusses the concrete skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed to pursue these career paths. CEO’s, Human Resource Specialists, and Employees representing specialized career paths will give presentations and guest lectures throughout the course, and lead a number of site-visits.

This program  addresses both Career Awareness (knowledge of local hiring trends) and Career Readiness ( knowledge of skills and behaviors needed to excel).

This course works with students on identifying personal education and training/skill gaps with regard to their desired occupation or career path. This information is used to help participants identify the most relevant and accessible resources within Windham County that best prepare them to reach high-wage opportunities. This information is used  to develop an extended Personal Learning Plan to include Personal Career-Education Planning.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Increase in Workforce Participation from program Participants
  • Increase in Credentialing and Post-Secondary Education Enrollment from program Participants
  • Increase in Average Earnings of program participants
  • Increase in Job Placements within participating Business Partners

Since the start of the program in 2017, over 300 students have engaged with the program. Students have visited Chroma Technology Corp, G.S Precision, Commonwealth Dairy, W&W Building Supply Company, The Hermitage Club, The Vermont Statehouse, and BDCC’s own Cotton Mill.

For more information, contact Alex Beck at, or contact a guidance counselor at your respective high school.