The Ecovation Hub

Championing ecologically-sound, economic innovation

in Cheshire Co. NH | Franklin Co. MA | Windham Co. VT

What is the Ecovation Hub?Who is involved?

Regionally United For a Resilient Economy & Future

Spurred by the loss of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant’s 600 jobs, the Ecovation Hub is working to create new jobs within the clean economy. We partner with regional leaders to:

 Promote sustainable housing and high-performance building through business incubation and training programs

 Strengthen regenerative food, farm and forestry systems

 Strengthen the regional network of existing clean-economy businesses, and attract and grow new enterprises and services

 Connect the region to new markets and other centers of technical excellence and innovation.

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The Ecovation Hub is driven by community participation, and there is a role to play for all types of individuals and organizations. Together we can reverse the trends that are leading to an aging workforce. We can create family-sustaining, clean-economy jobs to keep our young people here at home and to attract people from outside our region. We can help to bring prosperity to this tri-state region, but only if we work together.

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From Crisis Came Opportunity

Now launched, this Ecovation Hub will attract an even broader range of talent, financial capital, manufacturers, consultants, and other leaders and visitors wish to participate in the leading edge of the green building and resilient design movement. Meanwhile, the region itself is also investigating ways it can become a demonstration project of the highest green ideals, implemented at a community scale.

Watch the video below to learn more about how and why the Ecovation Hub came into being, and what we’ve done thus far: