GEIH Spotlight: Andrew Dey

Dey headshot for BDCCWhat is your primary work at Unity Homes?

We tend not to be too concerned about titles here at Unity, but my position has been described variously as Operations Director, Company Steward and COO. In this role, I get to focus on the areas that I deem most critical to Unity’s success.  As a four year-old company that is still in “start-up” mode, we have plenty of opportunities for improvement.

My work often feels as though it is attempting to bridge the aspirational vision upon which Unity was founded, and the day-to-day work of building high performance homes.  Some of what I do is forward-looking and outwardly-focused—for example working on business planning, and writing or speaking about the company. I also work closely with my coworkers who are selling, planning and building homes for our clients. In that regard my focus tends to be more on systems and processes—how could we be doing this better?—rather than on the particulars of any given project.

What are your roles in the GEIH?

I am a member of the Leadership Team, and I lead the Action Team focused on Green Building Products and Services.  Within that Action Team, I am also heading up the work group that is exploring business opportunities related to innovative and engineered wood products such as cross-laminated timber and wood fiber insulation.

What inspires you about the work with the GEIH?

My inspiration for participating comes primarily from the people with whom I am working. Of course I believe in the mission of this initiative and I would like to see it succeed, but significant, tangible results are going to require patience and continued dedication.  In the meantime, I am enjoying getting together with smart, creative people who share my values, and wrestling with important issues that I feel passionate about.

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