In Honor of Sandy Otero

A Note from Adam Grinold, BDCC Executive Director

Here at the BDCC, we have seen a great deal of transition and growth over what feels like a very brief amount of time. Almost every staff member here is in their first or second year, myself included. Through our learning and growth, Sandy Otero has been our guide to the history and legacy of the BDCC in our day-to-day lives. I know I speak for all of us when I say how grateful we are for her presence, patience, and skillful navigation through all of the changes. As Sandy heads into her final weeks before retirement, we wanted to share with you her own words about her work and the BDCC. Thank you so much, Sandy.

My Work at the BDCC By Sandy Otero, BDCC Office Manager

My days at BDCC started 16 years ago.  I’m the first person you see when you walk in the door.  I’m still at the same desk in the same location.  The Cotton Mill building had about 15 tenants in 1999 and today there are 60 in addition to those tenants in two buildings at the Exit One Industrial Park. Another building was sold to GS Precision to expand their Brattleboro business.  In 2000 BDCC purchased the Book Press building and we had one tenant at the time of purchase.  Gradually, we built out the 300,000 square feet with the funding help of VEDA and today house 40 tenants. I have managed the funds for all our loans.

There were 4 employees in 1999 and today there are 9 full time employee and more coming in with the additional grant work that we have taken on. I have managed the payroll, insurances and other aspects of employee needs.  I have purchased the supplies and managed the office equipment and know where most anything can be found.

My main role at BDCC has been to manage the finances.  Beside the tenants in our buildings I handled the finances for the Commonwealth Dairy water line project.  When SeVEDS was established, I set up and have been keeping their books.  I managed SeVEDS first grant to help the flood victims of Irene and have continued to manage much of their additional funds along with CDBG (Community Development Block Grants).

I handle the incoming calls and tenant issues leading people in the right direction when necessary. I hope I’ve helped at least one person at the end of everyday.