Instig8 Idea Jam Off to an Innovative Start

Posted May 17, 2016 / RT Brown, WCEDP Project Manager

On May 5th, the region’s first Idea Jam jammed at the Vermont Jazz Center. It kicked-off a new program called INSTIG8 which will help cultivate a culture of entrepreneurism and innovation. Recently, an EDA and WCEDP funded feasibility study on a traditional regional business accelerator concluded. INSTIG8 was inspired by one of the study’s findings which is that there are not currently enough combinations, collisions, and connections happening in the area to foster startups. So, we are making it happen!

The evening was great. Approximately 20 ideas were shared ranging from sprouted hummus to a drive through coffee enterprise. The challenge will be to keep the momentum going and to work to connect those with ideas to potential collaborators and partners. The next natural progression will be connecting scalable ideas and their entrepreneurial creators with mentors who can help guide them on their journey.

My favorite part of the evening was, while trying to put chairs away, I noticed probably a third to half of the attendees were still engaged in vibrant conversation. This is exciting and that was the point of the Idea Jam. People need to connect and converse in order for things to happen. The most successful startups are the result of collaborations.

“If we want people to accept our original ideas, we need to speak up about them,then rinse and repeat.”

Adam M. Grant, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

To learn more about future events, checkout INSTIG8’s facebook