Janette Bombardier Joins Chroma Leadership Team

In a dramatic restructuring that will allow employee-owned Chroma Technology Corp in Bellows Falls to take advantage of rapidly expanding international markets, the company announced today that former IBM-GlobalFoundries leader Janette Bombardier has accepted the newly created position of Chief Engineering Officer.

Chroma CEO Paul Millman said Bombardier is a dynamic leader and manufacturing expert and licensed professional engineer. Bombardier said she is looking forward to helping to drive Chroma’s worldwide growth while leading the company’s engineering and technical functions. At IBM/GlobalFoundries, Bombardier was not only the company’s senior site location executive; she also had a wide breadth of technical, management, leadership and continuous improvement positions.

“One area of our business is exploding,” Millman told VBM, “autonomous vehicles.” He envisions Bombardier with her expertise and enthusiasm for manufacturing to help them take advantage of this new opportunity.

These vehicles require many sophisticated mirrors, Millman said, which fits well into Chroma’s expertise in optics. He said what IBM/GF does also fits well.

“We do something similar to IBM, we work with thin films,” he said. In developing the integrated circuits (chips) at IBM/GF, lithography is crucial.

Janette Bombardier

Bombardier comes to Chroma from Green Mountain Power where she was a Senior Vice President leading Commercial and Industrial relations as well as cost performance initiatives.

“Chroma Technology is a great company and I am excited to be part of the executive leadership team,” Bombardier said. “I’m also happy to be back in a technically challenging technology development and manufacturing company, one that has a true focus on customer success. The commitment of the organization to its employee-owners and its support of the community are values that I respect and are important to me.”

Chroma, which is feeling the tug of growth potential in a new technological age, is thrilled to have Bombardier join its executive team, said Millman.

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