SVEP Webinar Series

Starting July 2017, the Southern Vermont Economy Project at BDCC began hosting a quick hit webinar series called “Knowledge Bites,” focused on providing introductory information about economic and community development tools, programs, and funding opportunities.

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If there is a program or assistance that you would like to be a part of this series or learn more about, we’d love to hear your suggestions! Please follow the general guidelines below:

  • Webinar must be conducted by representative of the program or expert on the topic
  • Cannot focus on sales of product or service
  • Must be applicable to CEDS objectives[1] or SVEP Survey results[2]

Send suggestions to Sarah Lang, SVEP manager,


June 11th, 12:00-12:30 pm: Community Facilities Technical Assistance Program

Join RT Brown of BDCC as he discusses our newly acquired USDA Community Facilities Technical Assistance Program. Do you have a medical clinic, library, community center, or food pantry that needs funds for improvements? The list of what is considered a community facility is much longer than this. If you want to learn more about if your project qualifies for funds, join us for the webinar!


Here you will find details on each session, including the presentation and recorded webinar session.

Lightning Bold Icon signifies a webinar session that is additional to the typical Knowledge Bites series

Topic: Understanding Labor Market Information Data and Resources

Presenter: Kevin Stapelton, Vermont Department of Labor,,  802-828-3868

Audience: Economic development professionals, grant writers, researchers and anyone who frequently uses data from sources such as Census or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Download Power Point Here: KB1 Stapleton VTDOL

Topic: USDA Rural Development programs overview, in depth on housing or audience choice

Presenter: Jon-Michael Muise, USDA Rural Development VT/NH Office,, 802-689-3026

Audience: municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, regional agencies, private entities

Download Power Point Here: Vermont USDA Rural Development Vermont Overview

Topic: Windham County Economic Development Program, RFP submission

Presenter: RT Brown, BDCC,, 802-257-7731

Audience: Non-profit organizations

Download Power Point: 2017 WCEDP RFP Webinar

Resource Link:

Topic: Southern Vermont Internships Program: BDCC & Six College Collaborative Internship Program and the BCRC Internship Program

Presenter: Kristin Brooks, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation,, 802-257-7731

Michelle Marrocco, Bennington County Regional Commission

Audience: Business owners in Bennington and Windham counties, college students/recent grads


Download Power Point: BDCC & Six College Collaborative Internship Program – SVEP Presentation 8.2017


Topic: Engaging your state delegation

Presenters: Senator Jeanette White (D-Windham),

Representative Brian Keefe (R- Bennington),

Audience: Residents of Bennington and Windham Counties

Topic: Structured Problem Solving

Presenter: Jon Bates, Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center,, 802-345-2062

Audience: People who manage people and people who manage processes

Download Presentation Here: KB_Problem Solving_Bates

Topic: Utilizing the Vermont Downtown/Village Designation Program to leverage funding and benefits

Presenter: Gary Holloway, Downtown Program Coordinator, Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development,, 802-828-3220

Audience: Municipalities who are interested in applying for the downtown/village designation and municipalities who already have designated downtowns/villages


Topic: Vermont Small Business Development Center

Presenters: Deb Boudrieau, VTSBDC,, 802-257-7731 Ext 218

Steve Paddock, VTSBDC,, 802-257-7731 Ext 218

Audience: Vermont resident that is looking to start a small business

Power Point: BMC & FIN Knowledge Bites 10.4.17

Topic: Easing Pain Points for Growing Organizations

Presenter: Emily Blistein, Marlboro Center for New Leadership,

Audience: Nonprofit and mission driven organizations that are at a crossroads and need to know what action to take to move forward. For example: what do do when your founder is ready to retire? How do you engage a board that doesn’t want to help fundraise? You’ve heard about B-Corps, but how does your mission driven business get certified?

Presentation: CNLforBDCCOct2017

Topic: Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy project submission

Presenter: Laura Sibilia, BDCC,, 802-275-7731

Audience: Anyone interested in submitting or updating a project to the region’s CEDS

Presentation: 11.7.2017 – CEDS Knowledge Bites Presentation

Topic: Vermont Employment Growth Incentive program

Presenter: Fred Kenney, Executive Director, Vermont Economic Progress Council

Contact: Casey Mock, VEPC Executive Director,, 802-798-2221

Audience: Businesses contemplating investment in new payroll and capital in Vermont to by starting a new business, expanding an existing business, or relocating or expanding a business into Vermont.

Power Point: VEGI PPT 2017

Topic: Workforce Development Grants with the Vermont Training Program

Presenter: John Young, VTP,, 802-355-2725

Audience: Employers

Topic: Windham Region Brownfields Reuse Initiative (WRBRI) and ACCD Brownfield Revitalization Fund

Presenter: Susan McMahon, Windham Regional Commission,,  802-257-4547

Brett Long, ACCD,,  802-461-9353

Audience:  Municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, regional agencies, private entities who have a brownfield site or are interested in a brownfield site and how to remediate it

Topic: Town Officers Education Conference (TOEC)

Presenter: Briset Flores, UVM Extension,

Audience: Municipal Leaders, Local government

Download PowerPoint here: BDC Webinar Presentation 1.9.18 Briset & Leslie

Topic: The Consumer Assistance Program, a small business initiative through the VT Office of the Attorney General

Presenter: Whytnee Bush, Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program

Contact: Lauren Jandl,,  802-489-7155

Audience: Small businesses



Audience: Business owners, municipal staff/leaders, general public

Presenter: Elaine Haney Sopchak, VT Agency of Commerce & Community Development


Topic: Marketing opportunities for Vermont’s tourism businesses

Audience: Hospitality, tourism and consumer goods businesses and organizations interested in reaching Vermont’s visitors

Presenter: Hilary DelRoss, Heritage & Recreation Specialist, Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing

Topic: Talent Pipeline Management

Presenter: Alex Beck, Workforce Center of Excellence at the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

Audience: Both employers and educators

TPM Overview with Construction Example

Talent Pipeline Management Video

Topic: Targeted Expertise Recruitment and Retention program at BDCC

Audience:  Workforce professionals, businesses, realtors, Employers who are looking for a targeted way to draw in workforce to the area

Presenter: Jen Stromsten, Director of Programs, BDCC

Power Point: TER REPORT PPT SVEP Webinar April 2018

Topic: INSTIG8 program at BDCC and upcoming workshops and events

Audience: Entrepreneurs, small business owners

Presenter: RT Brown, Head Instigator, BDCC

Topic: Utilizing your local community access TV station

Audience: Any one in the Windham Region who is interested in learning more about utilizing BCTV and FACT TV

Presenter: Cor Trowbrige (Brattleboro Community TV) and Alex Stradling (Falls Area Community TV)

Presentation: Webinar – WC Community Media

Topic: The Building Communities Grant Program through the Department of Buildings and General Services

(Grant application deadline is July 31st!)

Audience: Town leaders and employees

Presenter: Judy Bruneau, Grand Administrator

Topic: Utilizing your local community access TV station

Audience: Any one in the Bennington Region who is interested in learning more about utilizing CAT TV and GNAT

Presenter: Mike Cutler (Catamount Access TV) and Andrew McKeever/Tammie Reilly (Greater Northshire Access TV)

Download Presentation Here: Community Media

Topic: The Vermont Planning Advance Program

Audience: Villages without public water or sewer

Presenter: Lynnette Claudon, Planning Advance Lead

Presentation: Intro_villageWWsolutions-Economic Development-081418


Topic: Act 185 Clean Water Revolving Fund

Presenter: Terisa Thomas, SRF Program Manager , 802-249-2413

Audience: Municipalities, select boards

Presentation: KB27_Clean Water Fund Presentation

Topic: Vermont Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Grant Program

Presenter: Gary Holloway, VT DHCD

Powerpoint: EVSE Grant Presentation

Topic: 2019 Southern Vermont Zone CEDS Project Submissions

Presenter: Laura Sibilia and Sarah Lang, BDCC

Powerpoint: 1.14.19- CEDS Knowledge Bites Presentation

Topic: “Future-Ready” Economic Development Organizations (Lessons learned from the IEDC Webinar Series)

Presenter: Jonathan Cooper, Bennington County Regional Commission/Bennington County Industrial Commission

PowerPoint: Cooper_Knowledge Bites IEDC

Topic: Registering on and acquiring a DUNS number for your organization

Presenter: Bobbi Kilburn, BDCC

Presentation:04.19 BDCC DUNS _ SAM

Topic: Mobile Wireless Drive Test by the VT Department of Public Service

Presenter: Corey Chase, VT DPS ,


Links referenced in webinar:

Topic: Community Facility Technical Assistance Program

Presenter: RT Brown, BDCC

CF Tech Assist Webinar


[1] Objective 1. Act regionally.

Objective 2. Create an entrepreneurial environment and culture to enhance existing businesses and grow new business.

Objective 3. Improve wage parity with the surrounding laborshed.

Objective 4. Increase the size and quality of the Workforce.

Objective 5. Retain and attract younger talent through engagement linkages, lifestyle amenities, and meaningful career opportunities.

Objective 6. Develop immediate VY-specific workforce and site mitigation strategies prior to the 2014 closure of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

[2] Developing/Sustaining Collaborations, Legal, Communications/Marketing/Social Media, Finance, Fundraising, Leadership, Organizational Development, Project Coordination, and Strategic Planning