SoVT Faces in Economic Development: Mary Helen Hawthorne, BFDDA

Meet the first of our “SoVT Faces in Economic Development”!

Mary Helen Hawthorne is the Executive Director of the Bellows Falls Downtown Development Alliance (BFDDA). We asked her to tell us about some exciting projects going on with BFDDA as well as what economic development means to her.

“Participation in the Southern Vermont Economy Project may assist Bellows Falls in reaching several important goals: Lodging available in BF proper, availability of local transportation, especially to increase destination visitors from train and bus and re-opening of the Vilas Bridge, a vital entrance to downtown Bellows Falls. Meeting these goals will most assuredly help with the revitalization of Bellows Falls and in turn have a positive impact on the economy in southern Vermont.

Development is much more than fundraising, it also entails friend raising. Successful development results from donor cultivation, programs that engage stakeholders and an organization that earns constituent loyalty. Development means revitalization through increased financial resources and stability, job creation/retention and business opportunities, and increased community spirit.”


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