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The Southern Vermont Welcome Wagon Chapter is part of the Vermont Welcome Wagon Project.

Connecting in Meaningful Ways:

New Vermonters, newly returning Vermonters, and existing adult Vermonters seeking to get connected to the community in Southern Vermont and build great lives here are invited to participate in the Vermont Welcome Wagon Project  (VWWP). Participants will be paired with 2-3 local hosts for a single meeting – a dinner, a hike, a coffee at the lake – to share their ideas and networks for helping new comers.  The goal is to accelerate the time it takes to “figure out” VT and get connected to our community in meaningful ways.

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Meet the Southern Vermont Chapter Team

Hear from Casey, Sarah, Matt, Jonathan, and Alex on why they love living here and why they are so excited to welcome you to our region.

Become a Host

Are you a boomerang, a Vermonter that left but came back? Are you tied to Vermont by school, friends or family, or an outdoor activity? Are you a ninth generation Vermonter, and never wanted to live anywhere else?

Become a Participant

What brings you here?  Are you relocating for a job opportunity?  Moving back to be closer to family or friends?  Seeking to become rooted in a nice community?  Maybe you are looking for great recreation or simply trying to escape the hustle and bustle of a more metropolitan area.

About the Vermont Welcome Wagon Project

Meet Tim, Krysta, and Whytnee, the leadership team and brain trust of the Vermont Welcome Wagon Project.