IEDC “Leadership In Times of Crisis”

As the frequency and intensity of natural disasters seem to be increasing, it is important to have a toolkit for leadership in these difficult times. The International Economic Development Council has recently released a toolkit on disaster recovery leadership, titled “Leadership in Times of Crisis: A Toolkit for Economic Recovery and Resiliency.”

On the IEDC publication page, they state “Disasters can strike at any time. Who’s watching out for businesses in your community in the event of one? You can learn what critical actions to pursue in IEDC’s “Leadership in Times of Crisis: A Toolkit for Economic Recovery, & Resiliency.” It explains how economic development organizations (EDOs) or chambers of commerce can take a lead role in economic recovery before and after a major disaster. IEDC recently released this user-friendly guide to provide practitioners with tools, resources, how-to’s, checklists and real world cases examples that highlight best practices to implement to be better prepared or to spur recovery” (

This publication is over 300 pages of useful information for leaders in areas that have been struck by natural disasters. It covers from disaster risk management and small business assistance to crisis communication and economic diversification after a disaster. Please provide us with your email address to send you the download link.

Leadership in Times of Crisis

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