Instig8 Program Hosts Business Mini-Pitch Pitch Party Event

Seven businesses came to The Lounge at Duo Restaurant to pitch their business ideas. Ranging from hemp testing and extraction to a broadband municipal utility to a Hack-a-thon in the Woods, entrepreneurs stepped-up and took the opportunity to share with attendees their goals. Nights like these remind me of how lucky I am, we are, to live and work in such a great community.

Early stage businesses need resources and connections. They need opportunities to get in front of the community to let people know what they’re up to and how others might engage with a new business. Or, how an existing business can help one of these new businesses. Connecting people is the key and events like the Mini Pitch Pitch Party helps to make that happen.


Peter Case presents a podcasting production company called Earspoon.

Mike Kim presents a municipal broadband project for Southern Vermont.

Carl Christiansen presents Northeast Processing, a hemp testing and extraction facility.

William Forchian presents a Southern Vermont Arts Collaborative.

Alec Koumjian presents Hack In The Woods – a hack-a-thon, southern Vermont-style.

Darren Mark presents Sprangchair.


Joslin Roderick presents a local coffee (cold brew) operation.