Northwest Ground Level

Job Posting: Project Coordinator; Development Services

Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC)

Job Title:              Project Coordinator; Development Services

Reports to:           Director of Finance & Grant Management


Program Objectives & Requirements

BDCC is looking for a candidate who will serve as a Project Coordinator in support of its regional development work.  This position will serve as the point person in charge of a specific project or projects within BDCC.  They will plan, budget, monitor and report utilizing project management tools, acting as the bridge between the project team in the actual execution of the project and BDCCs Executive Director and Director of Finance & Grant Management.  This role will make sure the scope of the project is sound, reporting regularly on the progress of the project and that it is staying on the approved schedule and adhering to grant code of federal regulations, and BDCCs policies and procedures.

BDCC, is a private, nonprofit economic development organization that serves as a catalyst for industrial and commercial growth throughout Southeastern Vermont.  The primary objective of the BDCC is to create and retain a flourishing business community that supports vibrant fiscal activity, and improves the quality of life of all of its residents.  As such, all BDCC employees are integral in assisting the organization to reach its objectives.  All staff are expected to participate in professional development activities led by the Executive Director as well as pursue opportunities individually.  The organization relies on all staff to help attend community and business meetings across the county.  Additionally, all staff are encouraged to publish professional papers establishing themselves, and the organization, as leaders in economic development in Southern Vermont.  Participation in these activities by all BDCC staff is critical to the BDCCs success.


Position Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the direction, coordination, implementation, control and completion of the project, while remaining aligned with BDCCs role as it pertains to the strategy, commitment, and goals for the Southern Vermont region.
  • Plan and implement projects:
    • work with project team to develop a feasible plan that achieves the goals and objectives of the project;
    • define the project scope and determine what resources are available and the requirements under those resources for adherence to code of conduct;
    • estimating time and financial commitments; and
    • monitoring and reporting of the project’s progress.
  • Work to assemble Project Team, collaboration to ensure all team members are following up on tasks and adhering to deadlines.
  • Provide support to project team specific to time management, develop and maintain a realistic schedule.
  • Quality and Satisfaction:
    • deliver to stakeholders what they expect and ensure satisfaction with process and outcome; and
    • ensure constant communications, reporting on progress and being open to feedback.
  • Manage Issues and Risk:
    • identification of problems; ensure resolution quickly; and
    • identification of risks areas; ability to set in place a plan of action should they occur.
  • Monitoring:
    • constant measurement of project status and comparison against project’s metrics;
    • collection of project data, assessment of project status against established timelines; and
    • institute process to adjust or reallocate resources accommodating and communicating project changes.
  • Reporting and Documentation:
    • collection of detailed information and communication of broader data checking the project’s progress; and
    • collection of paperwork with appropriate sign off and method for archiving by the end of the project, providing a history that can be revisited for similar projects.
  • Organizational Support:
  • Represent the BDCC at business and community meetings throughout the year; meetings are often at night and located across the county.
  • Maintain current understanding of organization’s activities and able to represent organization as needed.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings, professional development and community outreach.
  • Publish commentary, opinion editorials, and blogs demonstrating personal and organizational growth.



  • Organization, Efficiency, Multi-Tasking and Drive to Succeed.
  • Strong communication skills including ability to develop and maintain schedules,  awareness of challenges or obstacles, and ability to address expectations.
  • Strong ability to problem-solve and adept follow through.
  • Time Management skills a must.
  • Budgeting, monitoring and compliance abilities.
  • 1 – 3 years project management experience.


Working conditions

Work environment will vary significantly depending on the project and business industry to which BDCC is partnering on the specific project.  Significant time will be spent with other team members, assessing work, and reporting back on project progress.  Some projects, like construction improvement or expansions, involve spending time outside in varying weather conditions, which other projects might be strictly office-related.  Many projects will require adherence to specific safety protocols.  Position will require attending a weekly BDCC/SeVEDS staff meeting, and daily collaboration.  The position requires a schedule of work of 40 hours per week including evening meetings, as needed.


Direct reports



Interested parties having the required qualification / experience should send their resume and cover letter via email to no later than September 13, 2019.  No phone calls please.