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Meet Your Young Professionals Steering Committee Member: Michael Root

Meet Your Young Professionals Steering Committee Member Series is presented by the Southern Vermont Young Professionals. For the next 12 months, we’ll be introducing you to your Southern Vermont Young Professionals Steering Committee members. These are the people that go above and beyond to make our events the best they can be!

Michael is a PFT Clerk at the United States Post Office in Townshend, Vermont. He is also on the Board of Expert-Exchange, which “assists disenfranchised communities throughout the world and facilitates an outlet for Veterans to become part of a team again.”

Michael plays softball, is an avid hunter, loves shooting guns and  being out in the woods on his land. One fun fact that you might not know about Michael is that he was in the military for 12 years! Michael is a born and raised Vermonter who has lived in Vernon his whole life, except during his service. Michael’s proudest accomplishment has been serving his country.

Michael joined the steering committee in 2017 and has been a dedicated participant since. What he loves about Southern Vermont is the tight knit group of friends who would do anything for each other. The only other place he’s had that is when he was in the military.

The opportunity he sees for young professionals in Southern Vermont is the chance to enjoy a different type of lifestyle.

If you are ever in Townshend and need to send a letter or package, or just want to pop in and say hi, you’ll be greeted by that friendly face!