Meg Streeter Real Estate

Founder Focus

February 27, 2017

Founder: Meg Streeter

Company: Meg Streeter Real Estate

Description: Meg Streeter Real Estate offers personal and professional real estate services to buyers and sellers in the Mount Snow area of Southern Vermont. With access to all Vermont properties for sale, we work diligently to find you the best possible match in your price range. For sellers, we offer years of experience in pricing your property correctly.

Founder Focus: Meg Streeter

Meg Streeter

Founder Focus celebrates the brave and creative entrepreneurs in our region whose passions are the products and services their companies provide.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

INSTIG8 the region’s center for quality entrepreneurship training, scale-up services, and innovation.

INSTIG8 is a BDCC initiative located in Windham Region and initially sponsored by the Windham County Economic Development Program (WCEDP).

This program strategically fosters a safe environment for creative entrepreneurs to try, fail, learn, build, explore, and connect to other like-minded individuals while developing their business concepts and models.

It’s a series of workshops, events, and co-working. INSTIG8 will be the catalyst for engaging, business-minded, creative community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and instigators.

Why is this work a benefit to the region?

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation leads to new businesses and job creation
  • Higher levels of entrepreneurship gives people employment choices
  • Ideas lead to new combinations of existing concepts which lead to business creation