First Steps for Business Owners

With the flood of information and rapidly-changing circumstances, there’s no single solution for businesses. The first step is to submit an impact survey and get connected with us. The next step is to comprehensively assess your business’s individual needs. Finally, we have a list of documentation you should have together, no matter what kind of assistance you might pursue.

Impact Survey

Take a few minutes to fill out our impact survey. This helps us to get a snapshot of your needs so that we are better able to answer questions and help you to navigate the complexities of this crisis. Filling out the survey also allows us to advocate for the needs of business owners specific to Southern Vermont.

Assessing Your Needs

BDCC-Resiliency-Assessment: This tool helps you look at different scenarios and options for liquidity so that you can create a plan of action for your business.

Resiliency Assessment Tutorial:

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Gathering Your Documents

Regardless of the kind of aid you might pursue – the following list of items will be required. You should start to gather these because it will take some time and you need to be ready to produce them when you’re asked.

    • Employee Summary
    • Last Year Balance Sheet
    • Current Balance Sheet
    • Last Year Income Statement
    • Current YTD Income Statement
    • Business Plan, if available
    • Provide 2 Years of Personal and Business Income Tax Filings
    • Current list of Account Payable
    • Current list of Accounts Receivable
    • List of Collateral Sources


Now that you have a detailed picture of your business’s needs, you are better equipped to understand which, if any, funding programs are right for you.

What Are My Options?

Review the kinds of grants, loans, and technical assistance that are available for businesses in Southern Vermont