SoVT Faces in Economic Development: Emmett Dunbar, Town of Rockingham

Meet Emmett Dunbar, the Development Director in the Town of Rockingham. Lets hear what kind of projects he is working on in Rockingham and what economic development means to him! 

“While working in the Town of Rockingham, I enjoy listening to the ideas and goals our community members have within their organization or business’s development projects.  These are most often positive economic and social impacts that further illustrate the excellent efforts being made to continue to improve living in Windham County overall!  Consulting with marketing and branding for individuals and the region has great potential to create an impact that Southern Vermont will benefit from as well.           


“Economic Development is a broad term that the State has renamed Commerce and Community Development.  I like this title.  To me the community aspect of development in a state like ours is essential.  Being able to hear what folks in the business, education, municipal and other sectors of the region has been the most important part of successful planning.  The connections that need to made and maintained to foster the best relationships possible throughout a small or general community is also one of the keys to the best forms of appropriate and wanted development.”


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