SoVTYPs: State-Wide Candidate Forums on YP Issues Full of Information

Did you miss this past weekend’s State-Wide Candidate Forums on YP Issues hosted by the Southern Vermont Young Professionals? Not to worry! They were recorded and you can watch them here:

Candidates for US Congress, Governor, State Treasure:

Candidates for Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Auditor of Accounts:

All candidates, whether they attended or not, were sent a list of the questions asked at the forum. You can find their responses in writing here: Forum Questions: Candidate Responses

Can’t remember if you’ve registered to vote? Know you need to register but can’t remember where? See below for details:

To register to vote, and to check or update your voter registration information and make sure your mailing address is correct, go to:, or contact your Town Clerk.

2. REQUEST YOUR BALLOT (It may be too late to request a mail in ballot for the primary elections, but be sure to do it early for the general election!)
Ballot request postcards will be mailed to registered voters from the Secretary of State’s Office late June 2020. The postcard will be a tear-away, postage-paid, ballot request form that may be mailed to your Town Clerk.
A postcard request form is not required to request a ballot: ballots can be requested online at, or by phone, email or from your Town Clerk.

3. COMPLETE YOUR BALLOT AND RETURN IT (Great instructional video here)
Carefully follow the instructions for voting your ballot.
The ballot comes with two envelopes, a security envelope and a pre-addressed envelope. Place the completed ballot in the security envelope, sign, date and seal it, enclose the sealed security envelope inside the pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope.

If mailing to your Town Clerk, leave time for them to receive it before Election Day. You may hand deliver your ballot to your Town Clerk before or on Election Day, August 11th. If you have lost, or did not receive your ballot, you may request one at the polls. FOR ELECTION UPDATES GO TO: SOS.VERMONT.GOV/ELECTIONS

Information provided by the League of Women Voters of Vermont