Spend a day @ Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC) wearing my shoes ….

Posted February 15, 2016 / By Bobbi Kilburn, Grants Manager

Keep in mind, I’m a Type A so I like…..organization, promptness, action, and correctness….which so I’m told I bring to BDCC with grace, patience and humor.  I am approaching the end of my first year at BDCC, during which I have been taken out my comfort zone (in a good way) on a regular basis, and it does require a diverse shoe collection, as I move from one task / project / operation to another, join me —-

As Board of Trustee & Board Committee Administrator I assist to coordinate two meetings / month, frequent committee meetings, action item follow up and governance in support of the good & welfare of BDCC and in keeping with the mission:  since the 1950s BDCC has been dedicated to creating and retaining a business community that supports fiscal activity and improves the quality of life.

Seeing to the BDCCs / SeVEDS grants is fun & requires comfort, as I strive to keep everyone in alignment with grant terms / conditions, specific requirements so BDCC can request $$$$, submit routine filings, and asking the question “Are we on target to meet the goals & objects in order to utilize funds in an appropriate manner?”  Upon arrival at BDCC, I was told there are only a few grants, and now my grant matrix, which is comprised of grants, contracts, and special arrangements exceeds 15 &, as those visionaries around me focus on future planning, does that mean BDCC will be the recipient of more?  Waiting to hear about a grant application is frustrating….for me, I guess that goes without saying.  Correctness, accountability and funding is key to grant success in support of BDCC / SeVEDS project initiatives for which the surrounding regions are all the better for.

When joining BDCC my initial task was re-organization of the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Relief funding.  BDCC and SRDC received in excess of $2.5 million through the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development to assist businesses with funding as a result of adverse impacts from Tropical Storms several years ago.  Grant to date BDCC / SRDC has dispersed in excess of $2 million to over 60 businesses.   How gratifying it is to hear “you rock”, “thank you”, or “you are appreciated”.  This effort has taken some rock solid footwear!

When you take a position, in any organization, there is always the OTHER category, which absolutely requires a mismatch of footwear to address projects large & small:  phone carts, job descriptions, Thank you cards, IT / AV system, etc., etc., etc., and then there is the fun stuff…..working my way towards the numbers and immersing myself in the financial arena……requiring spreadsheets, reconciliation and numbers galore.  Sandy, BDCCs Office Manager, has been ever so patient as I ask “where is this”, “what does this mean”, and “why do we do that!

No doubt we can all relate to “Boss Man” special projects, and as BDCC shares what is happening at 76 Cotton Mill Hill, helping others understand what exactly we do each and every day, what better way than to participate in the community. We have even hosted a couple of PITCH sessions, one with Vermont Lt. Governor Mr. Phil Scott, and as BDCC helps to resurrect the Southern Vermont SCORE Chapter.  BDCC is active in regional town events, and has been enjoying immersing itself in the region’s ‘moving and shaking’ Select board meetings.  Frankly, this has taken me out of my comfort zone with thought provoking field trips, open communication at public meetings, writing this BLOG, and finding all ways of AWESOMENESS to promote what we do when it comes to business assistance, mentoring, providing a conduit for available financing & incentives, and offering support for training and workforce assistance.

Continued organization, promptness, action, and correctness is easy to maintain, and I can only hope I continue to bring the grace, patience and humor to my co-workers, BDCC, our funders and the ultimate consumer, the folks we look to serve, all with awesome footwear.

Please accept this as an open invitation to stop by the BDCC offices, see what we do, and say hello. All footwear is acceptable.