THRIVEeap & INSTIG8 Management and Leadership Series

How does a leader inspire, develop and motivate? This series of workshops focuses on helping managers and supervisors become effective leaders. Through engaging and fill-your-toolkit discussions we cover these essential topics for today’s managers and leaders.

Register for the entire series for $100 or individual events at $25 each. The registration process will accommodate your preferred selection.

Management and Leadership Series

This series will be facilitated by Jennifer Jacobs and Karen Blumberg.

Jennifer, (Human Resource & Management Consultant, EAP Counselor, Workshop Facilitator), owns and manages THRIVEeap. She has lived in Windham County most of her life and has a deep connection to the community.

Karen, (Lead Workshop Facilitator, EAP Counselor), is an experienced workshop facilitator and brings great joy and passion to helping individuals and teams learn and grow.

4/11/18 – Workplace Culture: Creating Healthy & Positive Places to Work

5/2/18 – Leadership: Nurturing Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose in Everyone

5/23 – Understanding Harassment & Discrimination at Work

6/13 – Performance Feedback: The “Secret Sauce” for A Great Place to Work

6/27 – Mind Your Ps & Qs: Getting Rid of Gossip & Other Negative Behaviors at Work