YP Gala Highlights Creativity, Innovation, and Collaboration

Posted March 1, 2016 / Luke Stafford, Mondo Mediaworks/SeVEDS Board Member & RT Brown, WCEDP Project Manager

By SeVEDS Board Member, Luke Stafford of Mondo Media Works

Working with the steering committee was a breeze. Steering committee meetings have been held at Mondo in the past, and one of its members, Meryl, is Mondo’s longest-tenured employee. So I’ve seen firsthand how innovative they are when it comes to rallying the local workforce under the age of 45. A few years ago, meetings were 8 or 9 people getting drinks at a Brattleboro bar. Now we’ve got hundreds of people dressing up in outfits worthy of the red carpet, filling up an entire art museum and networking with politicians, business owners, artists and nonprofit directors. And I don’t expect the momentum to slow. It’s impressive. Mondo’s support will enthusiastically continue.

By Windham County Economic Development Program Project Manager, RT Brown

In the last two weeks, I’ve watched the Southern Vermont Young Professionals become unmistakably politically relevant in the state. No, this did not just happen. It’s the result of many months of organized work by the So VT YP board and leadership of Alex Beck. I’ve not been in the state long, but i’m tempted to ask when the last time a federal senator, candidate for Governor and candidate for Lt. Governor made concerted efforts to meet with this constituent group…all within a two-week span. This is significant. The So. VT YPs have not only made their position and mission incredibly relevant and elevated, but also the needs of So. VT as a whole. The So. VT YP Gala was a great success and culmination of hard work. Attendance reached over 285 and the atmosphere was fun, lively, creative, and economically impactful. Local businesses were highlighted with sponsorships and flooded with patrons before and after the event. Downtown Brattleboro buzzed with creatively well-dressed professionals engaging with each other, networking, and just having fun. The creative black tie YP gala was special. Well done So. VT YPs!