BDCC Staff Profile: Chris Reynolds

Chris on his way to enjoying a day of fly fishing.

Chris on his way to enjoying a day of fly fishing.

BDCC Staff Member Name: Chris Reynolds

Position Title: Maintenance

Program(s): All of them

Where were you born? Bennington, VT

Where do you currently live? Hinsdale, NH

What did you do before you came to the BDCC? I worked at the old Book Press doing maintenance and when they closed, I got hired on to work for the BDCC when they purchased the building.

What inspires you about your current work? I like to take something that looks a complete mess and make it look good. The work is different every day, it is never the same which keeps it interesting. We are never bored. Every room we go into is typically a mess and when we come out, it looks so much better. That is really rewarding to feel and know we made a difference like that. Working with tenants to have their spaces come out looking good is also a rewarding part of the job.

Tell us about the hobby/activity from your photo, what do you love about it? (fishing, will send a photo) I love getting out, going up and down the brooks, catching the trout and relaxing. It tends to just be me and the worms and fish, so it is nice alone time.

What is a unique fact about you that people might not know?

I love to cook. I make a really great Mac and Cheese. It’s my mom’s recipe. I also make an excellent Hungarian mushroom soup. I make a mean roux which makes all the difference.