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Bending the Demographic Curve– GNAT’s Andrew McKeever sits down with young professionals to discuss

GNAT’s Andrew McKeever sits down with four southern Vermonters to talk about attracting and retaining young people in order to “Bend the Demographic Curve” and reverse trends of an aging and shrinking population. Sarah Lang, BDCC’s Southern Vermont Economy Project manager and Young Professional Coordinator, Michelle Marrocco, former Executive Director of the Lighting Jar, Natalie Redmond, Office of Communications at Bennington College, and Jonathan Cooper, Community and Economic Development Specialist at Bennington County Regional Commission discuss their professional and personal experiences of being a young professional in Southern Vermont. They touch on the ideas of being welcoming, providing resources for current residents and future residents, and the one thing they would do if they were Czar of Southern Vermont to address the demographic curve. View the full discussion below.

Bending the Demographic Curve in Vermont

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