Where Are They Now?: CEDS Projects Then and Now, 2018 Projects Submission Deadline February 19

BDCC/SeVEDS is accepting new projects and updated projects for its fourth annual update to the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS). The CEDS is a regional plan for growth of the economy that was created in 2013 using a federally prescribed regional and public approach.  Inclusion of your project in the CEDS indicates to federal funders that your project is aligned with the region’s economic goals for growth. Inclusion can also assist the region in understanding what projects in our region are being proposed or are underway. Project submission are due Monday, February 19th! Below are some examples of projects submitted to the CEDS process: then and now!



Wheel Pad L3C submitted their first CEDS project in 2015 which focused on developing a prototype for an eco­friendly, temporary, universally accessible bedroom and bathroom attachable to an existing home. Since then, Wheel Pad has received numerous notable awards and have sold and installed their first Wheel Pad. 


Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation submitted a project in 2013 for an Innovation Ecosystem assessment which has since transformed into the INSTIG8 program for startups and entrepreneurs. INSTIG8 is the region’s center for quality entrepreneurship training, scale-up services, and innovation. INSTIG8 was initially sponsored by the Windham County Economic Development Program (WCEDP). This program strategically fosters a safe environment for creative entrepreneurs to try, fail, learn, build, explore, and connect to other like-minded individuals while developing their business concepts and models. It encompasses a series of workshops, events, and co-working opportunities. This original CEDS Vital Project continues to grow and add programming and funding and has interacted with 145 businesses/entrepreneurs to date.


Mount Snow submitted their West Lake project to the CEDS in 2014. The West Lake Project at Mount Snow consisted of the construction of a 120-million-gallon snow-making pond and associated components such as pump houses, withdrawal and intake structure, pipelines, snow-making upgrades, a new lift and infrastructure improvements. This project received EB-5 funding worth $52 million and was filled during the summer of 2017.

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