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COVID-19 Resiliency Update 4/27/20

This is a communication related to the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation’s regional
COVID-19 Business Resiliency Program

As entrepreneurs and managers try to understand today’s new realities without the benefit of any previous experiences to reference, mapping the future truly becomes exponentially dynamic. Here at the BDCC, we are seeing this scenario playout with over 300 businesses we are in contact with as they seek assistance in navigating local, regional, state and federal assistance programs.

Drawing Mountains Stock Photos, Images & Photography | ShutterstockDecisions to borrow money today in order to survive, only to have to operate a business model not yet written, are playing out all over the country.  We encourage business owners to take the time to begin to map out potential business scenarios for the months and year ahead.

As Governor Scott’s Economic Mitigation and Recovery Task Force begins to make recommendations for safely returning workers to the workplace, how will you welcome back employees and customers?  What step by step actions do you need to plan for?  Here is a sample Return to Work Guidelines document recently shared for a Vermont company planning to open its floors to employees.  Here is a recent New York Times article on restaurant reopening filled with useful links and ideas. This Forbes article provides actionable ideas and hope for Main Street retail. Vermont OSHA has created new training materials that cover new COVID-19 safe workplace practices and compliance with state mandates.

We continue to focus on communicating accurate, timely and actionable information to help ensure informed decisions across the region. Last week we focused on hope and resilience, this week we are making time for detailed planning. Please let us know about resources you are finding useful so that we can share that information with others by using this simple form.

Together we are Vermont Strong.

Adam Grinold

Adam Grinold
Executive Director 
Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation 
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Creative disruption
The pandemic is liberating firms to experiment with radical new ideas

Some of these will persist after the crisis passes more

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Thank you to Windham Regional Commission and the United Way for developing this Windham Resource Guide For Individuals 

April 27, 2020:  Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) applications will be accepted from participating lenders as of Monday, April 27, 2020 at 10:30am.

Long Term Impacts from COVID19 For Towns
Wednesday, April 29 at 12pm
This the fourth webinar in a four part series in April hosted by the Southern Vermont Economy Project in response to COVID19. 

Join us at noon to hear about what towns are thinking about and planning for as long term impacts of COVID19 on municipal operations. We’ll be utilizing data and slides from Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 as he shows the effect on tax income from the 2008 recession and how we can learn from that with our current situation.

Come prepared to share some of your thoughts and concerns of the long term impacts on your town to share with the group.

All webinars are recorded and will be posted at

Meeting Room Access:

Meeting ID: 274 484 526

If you need to call in: 888 475 4499 US Toll-free

Contact: Sarah Lang, 

Scott continues easing COVID-19 restrictions in Vermont
Associated Press

The state of Vermont gave the return-to-work spigot another quarter-turn Friday by expanding the number of people who may work at the same outdoor job site from two to five as long as the workers stay at least 6 feet apart. read more

Telecommuting survey

Short survey by a researcher at UVM who is conducting some preliminary research on the potential for more telecommuting when we emerge rom this pandemic. They are particularly interested in getting some results outside of Chittenden County.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Hotline Established for Self-Employed
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Line:  (877) 660-7782

In addition to the Hotline, individuals seeking information on PUA may also register for the Department’s newsletter, and visit

How to catch up on UI Claims

Claimants can catch up on missed weekly filings by using the link below or by calling 800-983-2300. One claim per day can be filed until claimant is caught up. When a claim has been successfully filed for the first weekly claim, a confirmation page will be displayed. That confirmation will let claimant know when they can log-in and file next claim. Please file before 4pm each day to avoid further errors.  When claimant is caught up on weekly claims, they will need to file each week for which they were unemployed. Failing to do so will result in another error.

Despite soaring unemployment, companies struggle to find workers
By Anne Wallace Allen
Brattleboro’s Fulflex plant is seeking more help to manufacture elastic products for face masks. Photo by Kevin O’Connor/VTDigger

BDCC’s Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program is a USDA program that provides a $400,000 loan to the BDCC.  In response to the economic impacts our small businesses are experiencing, USDA approved BDCC’s request to lower the interest rate BDCC must charge for this program to a 3% fixed rate.  The loans can range in size from $2,500 to $50,0000 for any business with 10 employees or less. There is no pre-payment penalty for businesses that look to use this funding source as gap financing until other program funds are made available. Contact R.T. Brown

Please take BDCC’s new 2-minute survey to help us understand who is accessing relief programs and who is not.

If you haven’t already, please let BDCC know how your business is impacted:
We use this information to understand what is happening for you, and advocate for disaster relief to businesses and employers in this region. You may resubmit an update at any time.

Stress Test your business:
Find information on BDCC’s web site on using the Resiliency Assessment “Stress Test”, including a new webinar. This worksheet helps create a plan of action for your business to weather these uncertain times. This tool helps you look at different scenarios and options for liquidity.

Participate in Weekly Business Webinars
Join us every Friday at 2:15 pm for a Zoom webinar – we try to bring you answers to questions and point you to resources as they become available. This week, we will  engage with state and regional partners to explore some industry specific considerations. What are the resources for restaurants, hospitality, or manufacturing to help businesses understand their path forward? This will evolve as the week progresses.

Providing Systems and Solutions to help Vermont Manufacturers Innovate, Plan, Perform and Grow
Manufacturing Exchange – Vermont ( is now live with a primary mission of “connecting people and supply chains to deliver solutions.” It also allows manufacturers and suppliers to post their needs and find business opportunities. MXVT uses familiar social media tools in a virtual collaboration space that empowers innovative thinking, helps solve problems, and can create new supply chains. Powered by VMEC, has launched during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis with an initial focus on enabling and accelerating connections between urgent health-related equipment needs & personal protective equipment (PPE), potential Vermont manufacturers first, and product and solution providers. MXVT site content will continuously become richer as we connect and all move forward together.
VMEC is working in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development (ACCD), the Vermont Procurement Technical Assistance Center (VT PTAC), Associated Industries of Vermont (AIV), Vermont’s Regional Development Corporations (RDCs), and additional partners.  Register in TODAY!
Can we make this in Vermont?
Helmet-Based Ventilation

VMEC is seeking VT manufacturers interested in the development and possible production of Helmet Based Ventilation.  If you can help to develop a solution, please contact Chris Paulk, VMEC Business Advisor, at or (480) 201-7982.  Please join the conversation and see more information about what is needed and what is happening related to this device and other healthcare PPE on the Manufacturing Exchange – Vermont.
This page includes valuable information such as VMEC Crisis Response Services, which in part include:
1) Support and Problem Solving
2) Supply Chain
3) Re-deployment of Resources and/or Re-Tooling
4) Manufacturer Connections
VMEC is only a phone call or video chat away!  Please let us know how we might help you.  No issue is too big or too small!
Contact us at (802) 728-1432 (this number’s Voice Mail is being checked multiple times each day), or connect with your VMEC Business Advisor at this link.
Identifying Current and Potentially Convertible Suppliers of Critical Products and Services

AIV, VMEC, VT PTAC, RDCs and other partners are working together and with the the state to identify Vermont manufacturers and other businesses who can currently supply, or could convert operations to supply, products and services needed by Vermont authorities and other response leaders in the COVID-19 crisis.  Donations and referrals to suppliers are also encouraged.  We are also working to identify the same for federal efforts as opportunities evolve.
The current priority list for the state is:
• N95 Respirators
• Surgical Masks
• Full Face Shields
• Goggles
• Surgical Hoods
• Gloves
• Boot Covers
• Booties
• Tyvek Coveralls
• Impermeable Aprons
• Coveralls
• Gowns
• Fluid Resistant Gowns
• Surgical Gowns
NOTE:  The state is also asking for non-medical masks that Vermonters can use in accordance with CDC and Department of Health guidance.
You can also respond with other products or services you believe would be needed.  The list above might evolve over time, and identifying other items in advance could be helpful. see more info here

Business Assistance – What to Consider Now?

Review BDCC’s Business Resiliency Program’s pages and recent webinars for up-to-date information.

BDCC’s Micro-entrepreneur Loan Program is also available for businesses suffering economic injury. Use this from to learn more.

Comprehensive Health Information on the Vermont Department of Health Website

UPDATE: Vermont Governor Phil Scott Executive Orders

Number 01-20 declaring a State of Emergency in Vermont & National Guard Call Out
ADDENDUM 1 to 01-20 prohibits all non-essential mass gatherings to the lesser of fifty (50) people or fifty percent (50%) of the occupancy of a facility
ADDENDUM 2 to 01-20 Prohibits on-premises consumption of food or drink
ADDENDUM 3 to 01-20 Suspension of all Non-Essential Adult Elective Surgery and Medical and Surgical Procedures
ADDENDUM 4 to 01-20 Closure of Close-Contact Businesses and Further Restrictions of the Size of Mass Gatherings
ADDENDUM 5 to 01-20 Work from Home Order
ADDENDUM 6 to 01-20 Stay Home to Stay Safe Order
ADDENDUM 7 to 01-20 Requirement to quarantine
ADDENDUM 8 to 01-20 Non-Congregate Sheltering in Vermont; Extension of Certain Deadlines Relating to Closures of DMV and Bars and Restaurants
ADDENDUM 9 to 01-20 Extension of State of Emergency Declared March 13, 2020; Other COVID-19 Related Directives and Clarifications

ADDENDUM 10 to 01-20 Work Smart & Stay Safe – Restart VT: Phase I
ADDENDUM 11 to 01-20 Work Smart & Stay Safe –Restart VT: Phase II

Directive 1 – Continuity of Education Planning.pdf
Directive 2 – Childcare For Essential Service Providers.pdf
Directive 3 – Department of Motor Vehicles Suspension of In-Person Transactions.pdf
Directive 4 – Department of Liquor and Lottery – Delivery and Take-Out of Beverage Alcohol – Amended March 20, 2020.pdf