2019 Summit 1

SVEP Getting Back On Track: Project Development Series and Topic-Specific Knowledge Bites

The Southern Vermont Economy Project was launched in 2016 with one main goal: build capacity within the region around economic and workforce development. SVEP delivered 89 trainings and 32 webinars to over 1,000 people, and worked with hundreds of partners over the first three years of the project. 

Last fall, BDCC was awarded a second round of grant funding from USDA RD for the Southern Vermont Economy Project 2.0. Phase two of the Southern Vermont Economy Project will focus more intensively on helping our communities advance local projects through trainings and technical assistance. Events include Knowledge Bite webinars, quarterly topic-specific mini summits, a four part Project Development Training, and the annual Southern Vermont Economy Summit. 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, SVEP decided to pivot programming and staff time to respond to the crisis, like so many others have had to do. During the month of April, SVEP provided 4 webinars for municipalities on technology assistance (in order to go virtual) and discussions around the short term and long term impacts of COVID19 on municipal daily operations and long term planning. Those webinars can be found at www.brattleborodevelopment.com/svep/ SVEP also provided one-on-one technical assistance to help project partners transition to a virtual environment.

Now it’s time to get the Southern Vermont Economy Project back on track. Now more than ever, strong and successful project development will be key to rebuilding this region and its economy. SVEP will kick off the planned Project Development Series at the beginning of June, using online platforms and programs adapted to the new format. The series includes four quarterly trainings which will be offered in sequence, twice, but are designed to work as standalone events providing education on project stewardship, financial management, project management and grantwriting. 

SVEP will also re-launch  the  topic-specific mini summits series and another Knowledge Bites webinar in May. See below for dates and descriptions of upcoming programming.

Please visit www.brattleborodevelopment.com/svep/ for more information, registration and content. 


Knowledge Bites Webinar: Why the Census Makes Cents

May 20th, 12-1pm, VIRTUAL

An accurate census ensures municipalities, non-profits, and human service organizations can access a fair share of federal and state funding for programs, projects and services. An inaccurate count could reduce resources available to  our region for years to come. Hear from those organizations and towns on why the census makes cents, and how you can  help promote a complete count in your community or among the people your organization serves. 



Connectivity Summit

May 27th, 1-3pm, VIRTUAL

This fourth annual gathering of connectivity movers and shakers will focus on updates around connectivity efforts in Southern Vermont, as well as updates from the state and federal level. Hear from Commissioner Tierney of the Department of Public Services about her meeting with the FCC, from Windham Regional aboutf the Windham Broadband Project, and from the lead organizers of the two CUDs (Communications Union Districts) in Southern Vermont. 

The second half of this mini summit will be reserved for peer to peer learning of the CUDs across the state. 



From Concept To Ribbon-Cutting, Bringing Great Ideas To Life: A Peer Learning Project Stewardship Workshop

June 3rd, 2-4:30pm, VIRTUAL

Join us for our SVEP 2.0 small conference on Local Project Stewardship. This is the first of the four-part Project Development Series. Hear from communities in the Southern Vermont region on how they’ve stewarded their projects through each step. Projects include community centers, outdoor facilities and programming.  Learn about projects at different stages and their lessons learned about funding, project management and outcomes.

The second half of the conference will be spent in small group, peer learning opportunities to discuss YOUR projects conundrums. The facilitator, Maggie Foley of Guilford, recently helped Winston Prouty create a strategic plan for their 108 acre campus.



Financial Management Training with UVM Extension

June 26th, 1-4pm, VIRTUAL

Join us for our SVEP 2.0 small conference on Financial Management for Projects. This is the second of the four-part Project Development Series. In this training, we’ll cover the role of strategic planning in budgeting to budget controls (“Seven Keep-me-out-of-prison Essentials”). We’ll also dive into an actual, real life project budget and touch on getting more money through endowments to bonds. 

The trainer, Gary Deziel, is an Extension assistant professor for UVM Extension. His work focuses on public library budgeting and human resource management, and workforce development. He is former Associate Dean of Finance and Operations, UVM Extension. Gary has experience in budgeting and budget management, grants and contracts, fund accounting, gifts, endowments, cash management, petty cash, and sales and fees.