INSTIG8 – Digital Marketing Workshop Series

The Modern Marketer’s Toolkit is the first in a monthly series of digital marketing workshops as part of INSTIG8 – The region’s startup resource. Mondo Mediaworks,, experts in the field of digital marketing will lead each workshop, providing attendees with best practices that can immediately impact their business.

This workshop will provide an overview of the essential tools and concepts to get you started with digital marketing. We’ll also cover upcoming workshops and how you can earn several certificates if you attend certain sessions.

Please contact R.T. Brown,, if you have any questions.

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INSTIG8 the region’s center for quality entrepreneurship training, scale-up services, and innovation.

INSTIG8 is a BDCC initiative located in Windham Region and initially sponsored by the Windham County Economic Development Program (WCEDP).

This program strategically fosters a safe environment for creative entrepreneurs to try, fail, learn, build, explore, and connect to other like-minded individuals while developing their business concepts and models.

It’s a series of workshops, events, and co-working. INSTIG8 will be the catalyst for engaging, business-minded, creative community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and instigators.

This document provides an overview of some of the area resources and stages of firm development in the region.

Why is this work a benefit to the region?

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation leads to new businesses and job creation
  • Higher levels of entrepreneurship gives people employment choices
  • Ideas lead to new combinations of existing concepts which lead to business creation