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Why Does the Census Makes Cents for Southern Vermont?

The Southern Vermont Economy Project hosts a quick hit webinar series called “Knowledge Bites,” focused on providing introductory information about economic and community development tools, programs, and funding opportunities. 

On May 20th, local and regional organizations came together into one Zoom room to discuss and share why having an accurate and complete count for Southern Vermont is so important. An accurate census ensures municipalities, non-profits, and human service organizations can access a fair share of federal and state funding for programs, projects and services. An inaccurate count could reduce resources available to  our region for years to come.

There were also a handful of strategies discussed on how to promote a complete count in your community and some great resources shared to do the promotion. You can find all the helpful links here, under SVEP 2.0 Knowledge Bites: www.brattleborodevelopment.com/knowledge-bites/

The webinar was recorded and you can watch it here: