Need for Skilled Workers Highlighted in Local Studies

CDL Driver Demand Example of Opportunities Despite High Unemployment

Windham County, VT –  On Monday, October 5th transportation employers, regional and state workforce partners, and local legislators gathered virtually for a press event hosted by the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC). The event highlighted a need for skilled CDL-certified workers, and the range of opportunities available to jobseekers interested in transportation careers.

Last fall a new research initiative was launched to understand employers’ need for skilled workers, and assess opportunities available to the local workforce. The BDCC’s Workforce Center of Excellence and Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) created the Hiring Needs Assessment (HNA) series to gather specific data from local employers that would inform workforce training and education programs.  Each HNA surveys employers directly to look at workforce needs within one occupational area. In the past year BDCC & SeVEDS issued three HNA reports covering bookkeeping & administration, manufacturing & production, and positions requiring a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Over time, the surveys together are helping workforce partners deepen their overall understanding of southeastern Vermont’s “real time” workforce needs.

The recent CDL-Driver survey was submitted to 40 public and private-sector employers as well as the garage foremen of each Windham Region town. The 18 respondents currently employ a total of 76 CDL personnel. Their projected demand for workers over the next five years is an additional 78 personnel – a hiring challenge equal to replacing over 100% of their current staffing. BDCC estimates the total 5-year regional demand for CDL Drivers will be two to three times this amount, given the known staffing needs among employers who did not respond.


“There are several types of CDL drivers – over-the-road truckers, construction, public transit, etc.,” said Randy Schoonmaker, Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT) CEO. “For public transit we are not so much looking for drivers as we are looking for people. We can teach the driving skills and help with the testing. But we want people who like to help others and make a difference in their lives, and the CDL training comes secondary.”

One reason CDL Drivers were chosen as a target occupation for the study is that starting wages are high compared to service-sector positions – $18-28 per hour. These jobs are also available to people with a high school degree, and currently only 34% of Windham youth obtain a college degree within 4 years of graduating high school. Demand is growing because of retirements in the CDL workforce: 64% are 45 years old or older. Finally, CDL Driver demand seemed to remain consistent during the pandemic, even as unemployment in sectors like hospitality, healthcare and retail spiked. The HNA survey bore this out, showing less than a third of employers experiencing downsizing or layoffs.

A significant obstacle to hiring CDL Drivers during the pandemic was a shutdown of public-facing services at Vermont’s Department of Motor Vehicles. In May, the owner of Windham region’s only commercial CDL training facility indicated there were 40 positions ready to be filled by employers across the region, but that students could not complete the CDL test due to reduced DMV operations. This bottleneck intensified competition among employers, making it especially hard for organizations that provide essential services like municipalities, non-profits, and public transportation. Thus, the implications of a CDL Driver shortage go well beyond the health of the economy.

There is a need for CDL Drivers statewide and this occupation was featured in the most recent Vermont Department of Labor Virtual Job Fair. Among employers showcased were several hiring in this region including The Moover, VT Agency of Transportation, TravelKuz and Adventure Limo. VT DOL #Hiring2DayVT events are designed to connect jobseekers with jobs available today.

The Hiring Needs Assessments are designed to provide an overview of current and near-term demand within occupations offering “good jobs” – jobs that provide high growth, opportunities for advancement, strong wages and a chance build skills and qualifications.  This research is part of BDCC’s Workforce Center of Excellence work to improve the region’s talent pipeline by engaging young people entering the workforce, helping existing workers to re-skill, and supporting the in-migration of qualified individuals to reverse the current trend of a shrinking labor force.

For more information please view all three HNA reports on the BDCC website at


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