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Press Event: CDL Hiring Needs in Windham County



On Monday, October 5th transportation employers, regional and state workforce partners, and local legislators gathered virtually for a press event hosted by the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC). The event highlighted a need for skilled CDL-certified workers, and the range of opportunities available to jobseekers interested in transportation careers.

Last fall a new research initiative was launched to understand employers’ need for skilled workers, and assess opportunities available to the local workforce. The BDCC’s Workforce Center of Excellence and Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS) created the Hiring Needs Assessment (HNA) series to gather specific data from local employers that would inform workforce training and education programs.  Each HNA surveys employers directly to look at workforce needs within one occupational area. In the past year BDCC & SeVEDS issued three HNA reports covering bookkeeping & administration, manufacturing & production, and positions requiring a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Over time, the surveys together are helping workforce partners deepen their overall understanding of southeastern Vermont’s “real time” workforce needs.


Watch the meeting above to learn more about this important topic.