Which Way?

REGENER8 Program Launches to Support Business Succession

Are you a small business owner looking for an elegant exit?

Are you an entrepreneur, or a wantrapreneur, who would like to own and operate a turnkey business?

REGENER8 is ready for you. Give BDCC a call!

BDCC has been awarded a USDA Rural Business Development Grant to support businesses with their succession planning, enabling the launch of a new program called REGENER8.

REGENER8 will increase our support for small business owners seeking to retire or move on. Baby Boomers own 2/3 of the private businesses in the U.S., but 70% don’t have a transition plan? Windham county is one of the oldest counties in one of the oldest states in the nation.

Businesses owned by mature entrepreneurs often larger, with more employees, than those owned by younger entrepreneurs as well. This means that without good succession planning, a substantial portion of our economy is at risk.

BDCC has often helped with succession, but it’s never been a standalone program. We also wanted to try something we hadn’t seen before which was to include buyers in our program, in order to improve succession outcomes. REGENER8 will cultivate the pool of ready entrepreneurs to increase chances of succession success, in addition to working directly with identified business buyers.

Small business people interested in succession planning and support are invited to a training with Country Business and the Vermont Employee Ownership Center on December 10th (10 am to 12 pm) via Zoom. You can register here or call, or email to sign up.

Potential business buyers are invited to attend a training event on January 14th (10 am to 12 pm) via Zoom. You can register here, call or email to sign up.

R.T. Brown, BDCC’s Head INSTIG8er and now REGENER8er
802-257-7731 X221


Photo, Shawn Good of Vermont Fish and Wildlife. For more on how to spend retirement learning to fish Vermont check out the Vermont Fishing Report.