A Conversation with Adam Gebb, Owner of Cultural Intrigue

Call me awestruck, but if there’s ever been a more alluring business name than Cultural Intrigue around our fair town, I don’t know what it could be. When those two words debuted locally about 23 years ago — on a storefront sign along with Beadniks — I’ll wager that not too many downtown passers-by knew what they signified. My hunch is they suspected that there was something magical going on in the basement below the bead shop — something, well, intriguing. However, they likely didn’t think it would become a source of pride for the Brattleboro business community, a socially conscious enterprise that would color our world as few others had — or are likely to. I walked to my meeting with Adam Gebb (pronounced “Jebb”) in the CI headquarters at 35 Frost St., simply to experience the Frost and Elm street scene. I’d driven by the rust-sided structure diagonally across from the New England Youth Theatre hundreds of times over the three years it’s been there. And as many have, I’d wondered what exactly was going on inside.

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