The Six College Collaborative allows students to take courses at partner institutions as part of their regular course load at no extra charge.  Degree-seeking undergraduates in good standing can take up to one course per term through this unique cross-registration opportunity.  Discover the possibilities today! There are some restrictions on cross-registration, so read the below carefully and check with your advisor for specifics.

You must be at least a half-time undergraduate degree-seeking student at your Home Institution to be eligible.

A cross registered courses is counted as part of your academic load at your home institution and tuition is paid to the home institution under the policies of that school. All course specific fees, such as lab fees, are the responsibility of the student and must be paid directly to the Host Institution prior to the start of the course.

Dropping or withdrawing from a course may impact your student status and financial aid eligibility. Should you wish to drop or withdraw from an approved class, you must inform your Home Institution Registrar in writing. If you have any questions, check with your Registrar or Financial Aid Officer.

Unless a class is offered on a Pass/No Pass basis only, all classes must be taken for letter grades. At the end of the semester, the Host Institution will issue one official transcript to your Home Institution Registrar. Thereafter, you must make written requests for transcripts directly to the Host Institution.

All students taking a course at a host college must abide by all appropriate attendance policies, honor system, parking regulations, etc. at the host institution.
Note: VA Benefit eligible students must be approved at the Home Institution to transfer credit, and certified as a guest at the Host Institution.