For Interested Students

Internships During COVID-19

It’s no secret that businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Internships are an opportunity for motivated students to assist organizations in a time of great transition and gain invaluable experience in the process.

Interested students should first speak with their career services advisors to determine whether a fully or partially remote internship would satisfy their program and professional development needs. BDCC is working with employers to create new or modify existing internship openings, and we will update our listings page as we confirm new positions.

The Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC) Internship program works to partner college students and recent graduates with local companies and contribute to Vermont’s economic development, while introducing students to the opportunities that exist here in Vermont. It attracts students from across Windham County, the State, and the Country to start their careers in Southern Vermont, providing work-based learning experiences to students and qualified labor to Windham County’s growing businesses and nonprofits.

There are many other reasons to pursue an internship:

  • Gain real world work experience
  • Develop and build desirable skills
  • Boost your comfort and confidence in a professional setting
  • Test classroom learning in real life scenarios
  • Try out a company, industry or occupation
  • Make professional contacts for future references and networking
  • Prove your value to a potential employer
  • Make a difference!

The BDCC Internship Program matches skilled college students with practice-based paid internships with Windham County businesses and organizations. Developing meaningful opportunities contributes to the overall well-being of undergraduate and graduate students as they prepare for the next steps on their career journey.

Any individuals who have taken at least one college course within the last 18 months are considered eligible. 

Our list of AVAILABLE INTERNSHIPS is updated regularly, and includes a variety of sectors, skill levels, locations and levels of responsibility. All positions are paid.

IMPORTANT: Please do not contact these employers directly!

The employers who use our program do so with the understanding that we will route applications for them. We appreciate your participation in the application process as outlined below. It is designed to give you the best chance possible of getting an internship. Contacting employers directly only reduces the number of people we can count as having served, and inhibits our ability to secure future funding for this program. Thank you!


Please reach out to Casey Haynes, Talent Specialist, with any questions |

Update your resume, and draft any required materials, such as a cover letter addressed to the employer.

If you are needed assistance with your resume, please reach out to your school’s career services or look online for resume examples.

A good cover letter is concise, customized to the position, and addresses the following questions:

Which position are you applying for?
How is this particular internship connected to your professional goals?
How do you connect with the employer’s mission?
What makes you qualified for this particular internship? (Reference the qualifications they seek)
If not detailed in your resume, how/where did you learn these skills?
What personal strengths would be valuable to an employer or a team?

Apply using the the link included in each internship description. You will be asked to upload your cover letter, resume and any other documents the employer may require.

Once submitted, your application will be forwarded via email to the employer, who will review your application and if interested, contact you for an interview.


Please reach out to Casey Haynes, Talent Specialist, with any questions |