Leadership Southeast Vermont deadline July 15th

Leadership Southeast Vermont is a 501(c)(3) endorsed by area Chambers of Commerce among others. It serves Windham and Southern Windsor Counties attracting participants from a broad spectrum of political leanings, age range, for- and not-for profit entities, municipal and civic organizations.  The goals are to expose participants to a wide variety of issues facing the broad community and hear different perspectives on ways to address the issues; to create a network for the participants; to encourage thinking outside one’s normal comfort zone; to create awareness of leadership styles; and to provide a benefit to employers by having employees who are more in tune with the broader community and have increased their leadership skills.

The program is the first Thursday of every month (except September – 2nd Thursday)for 10 months, each spent on a different issue – Leadership, Economic Development, Health, Human Services, Education, Legal/Corrections, Government, communications/Media, Local History/Culture. There is also a group project. All sessions are local except Government which is in Montpelier.

Many area employers have sponsored employees successfully.  The deadline for an early bird discount is July 15, the Class of 2018 will begin with a dinner on Sept 13 and an Orientation session on the 14th. For more information go to the website at www.leadershipsevt.org., contact any of the steering committee members (listed on the website) or the Springfield Chamber of Commerce (administrators of the program) at 802-885-2779.