Download RFP Document here: 2019 ZONE CEDS RFP 122717 Final 

Download DRAFT Timeline for Zone CEDS Process: sovtzonecedstimelines111017 DRAFT

Corrections to RFP:

  • On page 4, under Proposal Content, number 6, omit the words “(is there a convention for how many?)”
  • On page 7, last sentence, replace “(webpage to be listed)” with “https://brattleborodevelopment.com/2019-zone-ceds-rfp-122717-final/”

Questions and Answers:

Can companies from Outside USA can apply for this?  (like, from India or Canada)

  • Yes, international consultants can apply to the RFP.

Do consultants  need to be physically present for meetings?

  • Yes, consultants need to be physically present for the 15 public meetings and the Southern Vermont Economic Development Summit, as noted in the RFP. See Timeline document above for specifics.

Can we submit the proposals via email?

  • Submission instructions are included in the RFP

Has there been a CEDS committee established?

  • Yes, the CEDS committee consists of the members of SeVEDS and RED

Who will the BDCC/BCRC staff be that will be responsible for interface with the consultant team?

  • Laura Sibilia (BDCC), Sarah Lang (BDCC), Bill Colvin (BCRC), and Johnathan Cooper (BCRC)

Does BDCC/BCRC have a communication plan or platform planned for the process?

  • BDCC/BCRC will be managing communications for the process

Could BDCC/BCRC offer more detail about the “facilitation of three weeks of public meetings”? Does this mean a number of events within a three week time frame or do you have something specific in mind already?

  • The public meeting schedule can be found in the Project Timeline (download above). The consultants will facilitated 15 public meetings within those three weeks.

In the list of tasks to be completed, it states that the economic data piece is a partner organization responsibility – does that mean BDCC/BCRC do not want significant data collection/analysis from the consultant? What type of data will be made available from the partner organizations?

  • BDCC and BCRC have significant data generating and assessment abilities that will be available to the selected consultant to utilize.

Would BDCC/BCRC like copies of the full report of the two similar projects requested in the proposal content or just descriptions? If full report, do you need 8 copies?

  • Yes, please provide us with full copies of the reports for similar projects you’ve completed in the past. We only need one copy in PDF form.

How many references should the consultants provide?

  • BDCC/BCRC recommends providing 1-3 references.

Does the scope of work for the consultant include the preparation/writing of the CEDS document?

  • The consultants are responsible for ensuring the completion of the CEDS document. BDCC/BCRC will pay for design and coordinate strategy verbiage.

On page 3 under the scope of work section, the RFP states, “Assess external funding strategies and opportunities for dual and joint implementation (Consultant responsibility).” Does this mean there are already strategies in place with opportunities identified that you wish the consultant to review/assess? Or do you intend for the consultant to research opportunities and create funding strategies from scratch?

  • BDCC/BCRC ask that consultants research opportunities and create funding strategies.

In reference to the due date and the materials required for submission, would BDCC/BCRC be willing to accept a PDF version of the consultant’s proposal by the due date and mailed printed copies after the due date?

  • Yes, BDCC/BCRC are willing to accept a PDF version of the proposal by COB of the due date and printed copies after the due date, in a timely fashion. If this is the case for your submission, be sure to overnight the printed copies, with the arrival date as close to the due date as possible.