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Video Provides Overview of SeVEDS

Each year the 27 communities in the Windham region are asked to support the regional economic development strategic planning and program work of SeVEDS, Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies.

With Town Meetings being held virtually, by Australian Ballot, or delayed there are fewer options for local residents to directly ask questions relating to this funding request. To increase access to BDCC staff we are attending town information sessions, and also held standalone informational sessions. – click through to view a recording which features description of how municipal funding enables a wide range of programs, planning, projects and pandemic relief. Each town is also provided with a SeVEDS Impact Report for inclusion in their Town Report.

BDCC & SeVEDS also produced a video which provides an overview of SeVEDS, and the importance of communities acting together in order to improve the regional economy. 

For a glimpse of BDCC staff in the field with our SeVEDS community and employer partners, check out this pre-pandemic video.

For more information on how BDCC & SeVEDS have invested in the region, please check out our Annual Report.